President Biden loses to Trump big time

President Joe Biden just gave his first address to a joint session of Congress, and it appears that nobody watched.

According to Breitbart, the television viewership numbers for Biden’s address are in, and the numbers are embarrassingly low

It’s true

The numbers, here, come from Nielsen’s initial ratings data. And, what that data indicates is that roughly 26.9 million people watched Biden’s address across 16 different television networks.

These networks are all networks that carried Biden speech live. They include Walt Disney Co’s ABC, Comcast Corp’s NBC and MSNBC, ViacomCBS Inc’s CBS and the Fox broadcast network and Fox News Channel, and AT&T Inc’s CNN.

To put Biden’s numbers into perspective, about 48 million people watched former President Donald Trump’s address in 2017, about 46 million watched it in 2018, about 46.8 million watched it in 2019, and about 37.2 million watched it in 2020.

In other words, Biden got nowhere near the viewership that Trump got. Biden, in fact, got nowhere near Trump’s worst viewership number.

And, what’s worse for Biden is that initial reports indicated that he only got about 11.6 million viewers. Subsequently, however, these reports increased that number to 26.9 million without explaining the jump.

The response

What many are finding curious is the fact that President Biden received such low viewership, considering that he received the most popular votes in U.S. history during the recent 2020 election. Surely, a few more of his voters could have tuned in.

Some mainstream media outlets are already attempting to explain away the numbers.

Reuters, for example, reports: “The figures include people who watched via traditional television as well as some who streamed the speech via internet-connected TVs, but they do not capture all online viewership.”

The outlet adds, “television audiences for live events have fallen sharply in the past year as audiences have gravitated to on-demand streaming services.”

Indeed, television audiences have fallen sharply in the past year in everything from sports to awards ceremonies, such as the recent Oscars. But, that this dropoff is the result of a gravitation to online streaming services, has not been sufficiently demonstrated. There is just as much proof, if not more, that the dropoff could just have to do with people not liking what they are seeing.

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17 Responses

  1. I would rather watch Paint Dry instead of watching Biden. First of all he makes no sense and second of all the Nancy Pelosi is in the picture. Nobody wants to look at her any more. Don’t know about anyone else. He is a joke. Nancy Pelosi has finally admitted that they can’t make anyone get vaccinated.
    Fauci is nothing but a Hysteria Maker. He needs to be shut out and shut up.

    1. He is not my president will never listen to his lies.all he does is destroy our country and trying to destroy all its people.

  2. He might have u
    Had more viewers if those sleeping under the sod still had tv access.

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  4. It has been repeatedly Posted, and proven I believe, that Bidumb is in Office due to VOTE FRAUD!!! If that IS the case, then he is in the White House, ILLEGALLY.
    If that is the case (and the Highly PAID Demoncrat so-called Lawyers arguments to the contrary), how can BiDumb continue to be allowed to sign Proclamations and Laws into effect for the USA???
    He should have to pay back his received Salary and pay the USA Rent for his Illegal use of the White House, WITH INTERST, AND LEAVE YESTERDAY!!!!!

  5. I didn’t bother watching SENILE JOE run his mouth, I decided to instead watch reruns of KITCHEN NIGHTMARES, and enjoyed eating a bag of popcorn, waiting for a President Trump comeback, TAKE AMERICA BACK

  6. I actually tried to watch Poor Old Joe tell his lies, but I couldn’t bring myself to watch Pelosi, the wicked witch and Laughing Hyena Harris, so I turned the channel to something that wasn’t showing Poor Old Joe!!! They are ALL such wicked Jerks!!!

  7. ES que este señor desde el 20 de enero, nio dice nada que nos brinde futuro, o al menos, esperanza, no hace una sola cosa que no sea contraria a lo hizo TRUMO, simple y llanamente porque de verdad cree que salió electo por 80 millones y que lo que cebe hacer es destruír todo lo que hizo TRUMP, para complacer a los electores, no importa si lo que se había hecho estaba bien, empezó, robandose el logro de las VAcunas que tenemos GRACIAS A DIOS y a la magnífica gestión del presidente Trump, y continuó formando una CRISIS en la FRONTERA, que ahora no sabe como resolver, sin volver atrás, la frontera estaba bien , pero, el IMBECIL lo quiso JODER, y lo JODIO. Entoces para quitarse el bulto de encima se la tiró a la VICE, que demuestra que hace lo que le da la gana, y que lo que diga Biden y basura es lo mismo para ella, de ehecho hasta habla con los Presidentes extranjeros como si la presidenta fuera ella, nada, que Jamós en la HISTORIA de este país, se ha estado peor que ahora, de hecho nadie en el Gobierno sabe que carajo se esta haciendo, le lleven las demandas al Flamante Presidente, con cosas así, no son muchos los que se tomar►1an el trabajo de escucharlo, además, verle las caras a los tres por mas de un minuto es una TORTURA.

  8. From 11.6M to 26.9M, huh? Kinda/ sorta reminiscent of the election shenanigans when counting stopped then resumed after midnite and “VOILA:, Sleepy Joe was ahead!! Having a brain-housing group that is not firing on all cylinders may be a blessing in disguise for him! May be dangerous for the rest of us but allows him peace and tranquility and in a perpetual daze! GOD help us!!

  9. Americans with all this lying and excuses from the Democrats, how much of this demented stupidity we are going to take? Let’s start lawyer or judge that would listen to us and get the ball rolling.

  10. Why watch anything that this clown has to say? Going into his speeches, it is apparent that less than 20% of what he will say is truthful. That leaves the listener totally unsure which of his statements have any truth in them and how is the listener to glean the truthful comments from the fictional statements in order to form knowledgeable opinions about what was said. Biden is a LIAR and there is just NO WAY around that FACT.

  11. I wouldn’t watch joe biden’s ANYTHING why pay attention to a thief a gangster who stole the election he’s a criminal the ONLY criminals are on criminal minds TV show biden is and NEVER will be my president EVER he is crocked he’s destroying our country, The ONLY time I’d watch is when biden is led away in handcuffs along with his sidekick harris to prison. my president is president TRUMP HE WON THE WHITE HOUSE LEGALLY TRUMP IN 2024.

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