Progressive Dems are trying to force Pres. Biden to declare climate change a national emergency

The Hill reports that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) are pursuing a piece of legislation that would require President Joe Biden to declare climate change a national emergency. 

Democrats, including Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY), have been urging Biden to do this already. We’ll see why in a bit.

But first, the bill

Called the National Climate Emergency Act, the bill would force President Biden to declare a national emergency under the National Emergencies Act of 1976.

Both Blumenauer and Ocasio-Cortez have released statements on the bill.

“President Biden has done an outstanding job of prioritizing climate in the first days of his administration, but after years of blatant ignorance from Trump and Congressional republicans, an even larger mobilization is needed,” Blumenauer said.

“We are out of time and excuses,” remarked Ocasio-Cortez in a statement of her own. “Our country is in crisis and, to address it, we will have to mobilize our social and economic resources on a massive scale.”

“If we want to ensure that our nation has an equitable economic recovery and prevent yet another life-altering crisis – then we have to start by calling this moment what it is, a national emergency,” she added.

More power

What naming climate change a national emergency would do is give Biden all of the powers that a president gets during national emergencies. One of the most important would be the ability to direct extra funding to areas that he otherwise would not be able to.

According to The Hill, after declaring climate change a national emergency, the bill says that “Biden should invest in major resiliency projects that will help prepare the country’s infrastructure for climate change’s impacts and make investments in clean energy that are socially and racially just.”

Will it pass?

The answer is probably “no.” This same group of progressives attempted to get this bill passed in 2019 to no avail. With the Senate currently split 50 to 50, Ocasio-Cortez and company would have to get 10 senate Republicans on board, which is problematic because the bill would be highly unlikely to even get all Senate Democrats to sign on.

So, the Democrats, like Schumer, are going to have to settle for urging Biden to declare climate change a national emergency on his own. We’ll have to see whether Biden caves in at some point and does so – It’s hard to imagine he is that against the idea considering all of the executive orders that he has already signed.

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30 Responses

  1. Our true National Emergency is that we have a criminal seating in the seat of the President. The criminals sitting in the WH stole this election and they are hell bent on destroying this country. Thank you Mike Pence.

    1. Look a picture of biden’s cabinet and see the faces of evil. Say your prayers. Ministers need to open their mouths from the pulpit. I pray daily that the corrupt anti-Constitution types in Congress, their heathen corrupt financiers, and their corrupt heathen censoring buddies in big media and big tech all suffer famine and ruin for the remainder of their days, and they shall forever NEVER dwell in the House of the LORD…..

        1. ILLegals crossing our borders are Terrorist. Are they doing what the Democrats claim American Citizens did at the WH, Invading our Country. Biden is causing an insurrection at the Border.

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    1. You mean a communist advising a communist puppet owned by China, one of the worst polluters in the world. So the communist China Joe, cancels our energy projects, which are the most environmentally clean in the world to send our oil to China, stops natural gas production, so we can now buy dirty oil from China, have our energy costs go up, inflation go up, jobs destroyed, families destroyed – well on the way to the goal of this communist, anti-American administration that committed blatant fraud to steal this election.

      1. By declaring a national emergency would he not have power to temporarily change laws, giving himself full authority until the crisis is over? Which will be never.

  3. Maybe it is time to strip their domiciles of everything that is not green, shut off all electricity that is not green and see how they charge their electric cars (oh do they have electric or gas vehicles) and see if they can survive. I know I can because I am a survivalist.

    1. And solar powered airplanes and trains. So glad there is enough solar and wind to power this country and all the cars, which by the way leave as much of a carbon footprint as fossil fueled cars. Or do they think they plug their cars in and the electricity comes from magic. The insanity in this administration is beyond any common sense. The US is ahead of almost every country in the environmentally protected production of fossil fuels, but China Joe shuts us down and hands us to China and now we can buy dirty oil from them.

  4. Why such an emergency? You can be wiser than so-called scientists who falsely claim that the earth will be uninhabitable in a few years. “As long as the earth stands, there will be no interruption of the time for planting seed and harvesting, of cold and heat, of summer and winter, of day and night.” (Genesis 8:22, which is written in the 4th-grade reading level)

  5. Hour biggest problems in America are Biden and democratic communist party I say s-it on them they are nothing but trash

    1. I like that, the Democrats are the ones that are destroying this country but they don’t think they are, shows how brainless they are

  6. What do they want??? While riding around in their gas guzzling SUV’s and riding in their PRIVATE airplanes what do they want??? Peelousey considers herself some kind of a privileged ruler, not a servant of the people!!!

  7. AOC, Nancy, Chuck, Biden, and Muslim trash Omar Remember what
    WHAT HAPPEND TO Mussolini. They probley don’t no their History

    1. yes they are i know they are selling us out to China, Democrats are making a fortune off China then they will find them a island some where, where they will live out their lives and we will be left here with a dictator that is worse than Biden

  8. Dude, we’ve been “out of time” since Gore declared that the planet only had 12 years left in 1980. That was 41 years ago. Ridiculous!

  9. This Climate Control, Emergency Bill, due to its urgency, will be flown by Jet Courier to meet Kerry at the very same Airport Billy Clinton and Loretta Lynch met in Phoenix, Arizona. A supposed location where Lefty Plans are usually made under the guise of Family Matters.
    Fuel for those Jets will be supplied by C.H. Ina and Company and the written Minutes for that meeting will be taken by Greta Thunberg. The meeting will be called “Fumes Are Really Terrible”, or FART for short.

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