Report: Biden relied on “cheat sheet” during first solo press conference

Many were hoping for some more transparency from the Biden administration with the president finally holding his first solo press conference. But, it now appears that the press conference may have been at least partially scripted.

Breitbart reports that, during the press conference, President Joe Biden “had a large sheet of paper showing him which reporters to call on.”

In its report, Breitbart referred to the piece of paper as a “cheat sheet.”

The “cheat sheet”

We know about the cheat sheet because it was captured on camera by photographer Oliver Contreras, who took photos during Biden’s press conference.

What Contreras’ photographs show is Biden standing at the podium with a piece of paper that has the headshots of a number of journalists on it.

In the photographs of the cheat sheet, one could see that circled numbers had been placed next to some of the headshots. Breitbart reports that among those journalists with a circled number next to their headshots were journalists Justin Sink of Bloomberg News, Zeke Miller from the Associated Press, and Ken Thomas of the Wall Street Journal, all of whom were in attendance at the press conference and were called on by Biden.


One could also see in the photographs of the cheat sheet, that some of the journalists did not have a headshot, and, not only that, but they actually had an “X” placed there instead.

It is unclear whether this is because these journalists were not in attendance or whether it is because Biden was not supposed to call on them. Reports indicate that Biden, during the hour-long press conference, chose to call on neither Fox News nor the New York Times. 

In total, Breitbart reports that, during the 62-minute long press conference, Biden called on ten reporters.

It only took 64 days.

We know that Biden was using the cheat sheet because, if you saw the press conference, you would have noticed that, each and every time, Biden paused and looked down at the podium before calling on a reporter.

In the weeks leading up to the press conference, the Biden administration had been facing a lot of criticism for its lack of transparency with the press. Biden’s press conference came on the 64th day of his presidency. The last time a president took this long to give his first press conference was a century ago.

Biden’s use of a cheat sheet telling him which reporters to call on certainly is not going to help him appear more transparent.

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  2. He doesn’t have a clue as to who these reporters are! That is why the questions are “ scripted” the cheat sheet is there for him to know whom to call upon! And the scripted answers are there as well! His handlers” aka string pullers” tell him what to say, he just repeats it! This is a disgrace! A shameful manipulation of a mentally defunct person as a pawn for Obama! What an absolute louse! But— he did say he wanted a “ stooge” and he has one! Obama has NO decency or respect for anyone, he is an arrogant a- hole! He needs to stfu and go away while he still can.

  3. When is it going to be enough of this debacle ??? This country needs a leader, not a person that reads from cards that others have prepared !!! Enough of this sideshow – it’s time to move forward and undo the wrongs that have been put in place !!! Illegal is illegal whether it be immigrants or voting – you’re the citizen – YOU DECIDE !!!

  4. If and when they finally admit that Biden is truly unfit, does anyone really think the V P Camel Hair will be any better?

  5. I watched him for a few minutes & I knew he wouldn’t be able to have a real press conference. This was preschool match the picture with the question you like & then he couldn’t answer them right if he got stuck it was Trumps fault!! If ever American is this country isn’t concerned about Biden & Pelosi’s mental health & Harris’ lack of interest & laughing at everything or talking in circles because she knows nothing about running a country, then we are really in trouble. People wake up before these fools blow us up!

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