Report: Dems’ radical infrastructure proposal would devastate American suburbs

According to Breitbart, the infrastructure package that President Joe Biden and the Democrats are looking to push through Congress using budget reconciliation contains provisions that would, in the eyes of many, have a harmful effect on American suburbs. 

What the relevant part of the infrastructure package, called the “HOMES Act,” does, according to Breitbart, is replace single-family homes with high rise, low-income apartments.

Some specifics

In order to put this plan into place, the federal government needs to have more say with regard to local zoning laws. And, that’s part of what the HOMES Act does – it federalizes local zoning laws.

It does so by threatening to impose various penalties on local governments that do not adhere to federal zoning guidelines.

For example, a local government that, in its zoning laws, bans apartment buildings from certain residential areas or that sets a minimum lot size for a single-family home will lose funding from the Department of House and Urban Development (HUD). The offending local government also could lose taxpayer-funded transportation grants.

As Breitbart explains, the HUD funds are used by local governments to maintain already existing low-income housing, and the transportation grants are used for the upkeep of streets and highways.


For those who are just hearing these ideas for the first time, they are actually nothing new. As the Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson recently pointed out, the Obama administration took similar steps.

And, what’s more, is that former President Donald Trump warned Americans, back in 2020, while he was campaigning for reelection, that Biden would ruin the suburbs. Trump specifically said that Biden, as president, would look “to put low-cost housing in the suburbs, and that would mean abolishing, ruining the suburbs.”

Biden’s response was to tell Americans that Trump was just “trying to scare” them to win more of the suburban vote.

We now know who was telling the truth there.

The good news is that the infrastructure package containing the HOMES Act has yet to go anywhere. In order to get the package, which could be upwards of $4 trillion, through Congress, Democrats are expected to use budget reconciliation to bypass the Republicans’ Senate filibuster.

It remains unclear whether all Senate Democrats are on board with this plan, which, with the current makeup of the Senate, would be necessary for the measure to pass.

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  4. Who cares about your on line job? This has nothing to do with this news article! We need to tell our congressmen and senators to vote down this ludicrous bill, leave our suburbs alone obiden!

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