Report: Some senate Republicans are looking to compromise on gun control

It appears that at least one Senate Republican is looking to compromise with his Democratic colleagues on gun control.

The Washington Post reports that seeking this compromise on gun control is Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX). 

The outlet reports: “Some Republicans, including Cornyn, have said they generally favor background checks and have been actively talking with [Sen. Chris] Murphy [D-CT] about compromise language that would not go as far as the House versions but could close some loopholes.”

“Quiet conversations”

Politico was the first outlet to report last month that Cornyn and Murphy have been holding discussions on gun control.

The outlet reported: “Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), whom Murphy cited as a potential partner given their past collaboration on improvements to background check systems, also said he’d consider the idea of a narrower bill. Cornyn added that he appreciated the ‘sort of quiet conversations’ he’s having with Murphy ‘to see where we can find common ground.'”

The Washington Post has confirmed that, since Politico’s reports, Cornyn has continued to talk with Murphy in order to try to find this common ground. The outlet even quotes Cornyn as confirming the situation.

“There’s nothing right now to say other than we are still talking,” the Post reports Cornyn as saying.


Murphy, in particular, has been leading the push in the senate to significantly expand gun background checks.

Two background checks measures have already been passed by the U.S. House of Representatives. One is essentially a universal background check bill that would require background checks for just about all gun sales.

It is unclear what sort of compromise that Cornyn is pursuing, here. It is also unclear how many Senate Republicans other than Cornyn are looking to compromise here with the Democrats.

What we do know, though, is that if such a measure is going to get through the Senate, at least by conventional means, then Murhpy and the Democrats are going to have to get a number of Senate Republicans on board in order to avoid the Senate filibuster.

There is no indication, as of yet, that Murphy would be able to get that kind of support from Senate Republicans.

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  6. question ? WHY IN THE HELL WOULD ANYONE COMPROMISE THEIR RIGHTS tell cornyn he better get his head out of his rectal cavity ,and Murphy is as crooked as dem politician ,I’m surprised he walks upright.

  7. I have never trusted Cornyn. I only hear from him every six years and I think his nose is so far up mitch’s butt and looks to take over when mitch is thrown out.

  8. We need to remind these so-called people we voted in, they can be voted back out, again. Do what you are sworn to do and NO compromising.

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