Reporter accuses Biden of “sounding . . . like Trump”

Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden managed to put his foot in his mouth a number of times over the weekend, leading to some pushback from his own party.

Fox News reports that Biden was criticized by one mainstream media reporter for a comment that he made about the 2020 election – a comment that, according to the reporter, made Biden sound like President Donald Trump. 

Another Biden slip-up

The incident occurred at a campaign event that Biden held in Pennsylvania on Saturday. There, Biden revealed to voters that there is only one way that he could lose the election.

“Make sure to vote,” Biden said, “because the only way we lose this is by the chicanery going on relative to polling places.”

This led to a tweet from Blake Hounshell, a reporter from Politico. He wrote, “Biden sounding very much like Trump here.”

Biden, in response, was forced to clarify his comments, which he did later in the day but before leaving Pennsylvania. He claimed that his remarks were “taken a little out of context” and that he was actually referring to “the attempts that are made to try to influence and scare people from voting.” Biden added that he is “going to accept the outcome of this election, period.”

The narrative from the Democrats is that Trump is not going to accept the results of the election, that he is going to refuse to leave office. Trump has denied this, but he has sensibly reserved the right to challenge election results, which seems fair considering the chicanery we have been seeing with mail-in-voting. And, let’s not pretend, like the Democrats are, that Biden and his team are not also going to challenge questionable election results.

Here’s another one

Biden raised some more eyebrows on the same day with a statement in which he claimed that the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court is not “constitutional.”

Biden said, in response to a question about court-packing, “The only court-packing going on right now is going on with Republicans… It’s not constitutional what they’re doing.”

This is Biden and the Democrats’ newest strategy for deflecting on the question about whether he, if elected, will pack the Supreme Court, a question that he still refuses to answer. It’s an absurd strategy because, of course, filling a Supreme Court vacancy is not court-packing and it’s not unconstitutional. It is, in fact, Constitutionally mandated.

This new strategy was attempted by Biden campaign spokeswoman Kate Bedingfield during an interview on CNN on Saturday. Believe it or not, Jake Tapper took Bedingfield to task by pointing out multiple times that the nomination and confirmation of Barrett is “not unconstitutional.” He ended the interview by thanking Bedingfield for “deftly sidestepping” questions.

The question that will soon be answered is whether “deftly sidestepping” questions on the issues while campaigning on not much more than a dislike a President Trump will be enough for Biden to take the presidency this November.

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