Republican states dominate economic recovery numbers

Breitbart reports that Republican states are leading the way in terms of America’s economic recovery following the coronavirus pandemic. 

The outlet based its report on new information that has been released by the Department of Labor.

17 out of the top 20

What the Labor Department released was the unemployment data for each state. And, what that data shows is that in Republican-run states, Americans are going back to work, but in Democrat-run states, well, not so much.

According to the Labor Departments’ data, the top 12 states and 17 of the top 20 states, in getting Americans back to work, are states with Republican governors.

Here’s the top 20 states in order, from best to worst: Idaho, Utah, Montana, South Dakota, Arkansas, Tennessee, New Hampshire, Alabama, Nebraska, South Carolina, Indiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Maine, Missouri, Arizona, Michigan, and West Virginia. Out of these twenty states, only North Carolina, Maine, and Michigan have Democratic governors. The rest all have Republicans.

The list, of course, flips toward the bottom, where Democrat-led states dominate. The bottom three, from best to worse are California, Hawaii, and New Mexico.

The worst Republican-led state is Alaska, coming in 47th place, but Wyoming is not far behind, in 45th place.

Some numbers

In general, Republican governors have recovered at least 50 percent of the jobs lost during the pandemic. The Labor Departments’ statistics show that Idaho and Utah, two Republican-run states, actually have more jobs now than they did before the coronavirus pandemic.

Democrat-run states, in contrast, lead the way with the highest unemployment numbers. Democrat-run states, on average, have an unemployment rate that is two percentage points higher than Republican-led states: 6.3 percent compared to 4.6 percent.

What all of these numbers go to show, of course, is that Republican policies are the sort of policies that America should be adopting in order to recover economically from the pandemic.

The numbers also seem to confirm the arguments of many that the policies of President Joe Biden and the Democrats, particularly the policy of continuing to pay Americans not to work, through unemployment benefits, is slowing down America’s recovery.

It’s all fairly cut and dry.

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