San Fransisco plans to “redistribute” a sizable portion of its police budget

Another California city is defunding the police.

The local outlet KQED reports that San Francisco is planning to take $120 million away from the city’s law enforcement budget. 

“The Dream Keeper Initiative”

This is the plan that was announced by San Francisco Mayor London Breed on Thursday. Breed is the city’s first Black mayor.

The $120 million will be taken from the law enforcement budget and redistributed to various programs aimed at helping the city’s population of Black people, which is about 5 percent of the city’s total population.

KQED reports: “‘The Dream Keeper Initiative,’ as it’s dubbed, increases investments in workforce development, health campaigns, youth and cultural programs, and housing support. The allocations reflect spending priorities conveyed by Black residents during a series of community meetings and public surveys led last year by the city’s Human Rights Commission.”

The hope is that this redistribution will address the various problem’s that San Francisco’s black community faces, such as homelessness, high mortality rates, and so on.


The “defund the police” movement gained momentum following the death of Minnesota resident George Floyd in police custody. Subsequently, Democrats began calling for all kinds of police reform, including taking money away from police departments and investing it into black communities.

A similar plan to San Francisco’s was announced last year by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. He promised to redistribute up to $150 million of the Los Angeles Police Department’s money, which is over 10 percent of its total budget.

The argument for doing so, as stated, is that it will eliminate the sort of problems that the black community tends to come up against. Critics, however, would argue that such plans will not work because a lack of money is not a sufficient cause of the problem.

The likely result

Critics additionally argue that the consequence of such “defund the police” policies will be an increase in crime.

We, in fact, have already seen such increases in crime across the United States as police have been targeted following the death of Floyd. San Francisco, for example, experienced a massive surge in crime in 2020 with the homicide rate increasing by 35 percent.

Such increases are expected to continue in major cities as they pursue such policies as San Francisco’s “Dream Keeper Initiative.”

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16 Responses

  1. There may be a lot of experienced police officers applying at other departments, then SF won’t have to worry about having too many officers. Just don’t bother to dial 911 when you are being robbed, stalked, attacked, raped — no problem, right?

      1. Yes, and when those people move away from Calif., their beliefs does not change! I pity where those people move to, because watch the downfall that will happen, when they get a grip on their new homes and their surroundings. Decay will start all over again.

  2. You know that money will not make it to where it is supposed to go. It will be skimmed by many a politician until there is nothing left for the intended consequences. They might have some ideas of what they want to do, but nothing concrete and therefore the committees will eat up the dough like biscuits on a platter. A Democrat talks a good game, but he only has one person in mind…himself.

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  4. What a great idea for San F. in Calif. who in the world make these low IQ decisions for our cities…cut the number of cops and the next thing you will read is corruption…murders…n robberies…will jump in numbers…hope you people can protect yourselves…business’s and homes…good luck

    1. He does not needed, he will have a paid escort and protection paid by the government, that’s why !!! they don’t care for the citizens, once the see a empty state, city or county they will get smarter, I use to live there but guess what it is not worth it anymore, people open your eyes and minds, look who is running your city ragged. Bless those who stay……….

    Sounds like you got it All under control or not… this makes all the sense now doesn’t it. Sit back and do nothing but oh the streets are full of crap now so just wait……
    Just remember don’t call the rest of us living with our great country cause we ain’t comin to help.
    God bless our police & God bless America!

  6. Are criminals running the states now it appears so, you really need to clean the poop off your streets and hire more police to control the crime. Not wanting more poop and more crime do you have an IQ above 2. I think you need to stop paying for security for your self that would make up the difference in the budget that you are concern about.

  7. Here we go again. 10 to 20% of the population dictating how the rest of the citizenry will live their lives. Keep the weapons handy, they will be your only protection.

  8. Hmm. Is there a lot of money in the “stimulus bill” that will be sent to states that have been mismanaged?

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