Sen. Blackburn exposes Biden’s “very problematic” China policy

At the recent Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), in an interview with Breitbart, exposed the Biden administration’s “very problematic” approach to China. 

According to Blackburn, President Joe Biden’s China foreign policy is “very problematic” because it treats China as our “ally” when in reality “they are our adversary.”

“Our adversary”

Blackburn, throughout the course of the interview, supported both of her propositions: both that China is “our adversary” and that the Biden administration is treating the country as “our ally.”

Regarding the first of the propositions, Blackburn demonstrated the various ways that China is “intent on global domination,” which of course includes domination of America. One such way, noted by Blackburn, is the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) practice of stealing intellectual property and selling it at a lower price.

“They practice what is called rob, replicate, and replace, which is they steal your intellectual property that you’re manufacturing over there, they manufacture it at a lower price point replicating it, and then they replace you in the market destroying American companies and destroying American jobs,” Blackburn said.

Blackburn went on to talk about the various ways that the CCP attempts to influence America and Americans.

“With Confucius Institutes and on our campuses and in our classrooms and with investing in Hollywood movie companies, yes China is very much involved in trying to invest in America,” Blackburn said.

Blackburn left little doubt that China truly is “our adversary.”

Biden’s “very problematic” approach

For proof that the Biden administration has, contrary to the previous administration, been treating China as “our ally,” Blackburn said that one needs to look no further than President Biden’s executive orders.

“The majority of his executive orders have been favorable to who? China,” Blackburn said. She continued with specific examples:

You look at the Keystone pipeline. Who gets that crude from Canada? China. You look at the Paris Climate Accords. That is not going to help American workers. It is going to empty out 1.4 million American jobs. When you talk about making solar panels, those jobs aren’t in the United States. There are 10 companies on the face of the earth making solar panels. Eight of them are in China. When you talk about wind turbines, where are those made? They are made in China. When you talk about removing sanctions, you’re talking about freeing up China. When you talk about that we’re going to change some of our trade policy, you’re talking about being favorable to China.

And, Blackburn said it’s not just Biden’s policies either that are pro-China. It’s also the people that Biden has been selecting for his cabinet and for other leadership positions, people whom Blackburn called “radical.”

Blackburn hit the nail on the head here, and we all need to wake up and realize this before it’s too late.

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