Sen. Feinstein introduces a ban on “assault weapons”

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) is getting involved in congressional Democrats’ latest gun control push.

Breitbart reports that Feinstein has introduced a bill that would ban 205 “assault weapons.” 

Feinstein’s bill . . .

. . . is being called the “Assault Weapons Ban of 2021.” It has pages and pages of different “assault weapons” that it would ban, although it would let current owners of “assault weapons” retain possession of them.

Feinstein’s bill would also ban ammunition magazines that are capable of holding more than ten rounds.

And, curiously, Feinstein’s bill would also ban bump stocks even though bump stocks are already illegal and have been for two years now.

“It’s been 17 years since the original Assault Weapons Ban expired, and the plague of gun violence continues to grow in this country,” Feinstein said, promoting her bill. “To be clear, this bill saves lives. When it was in place from 1994-2004, gun massacres declined by 37 percent compared with the decade before. After the ban expired, the number of massacres rose by 183 percent.”

Feinstein’s bill is co-sponsored by 34 Senate Democrats. And, although it would likely get the support of more Democrats, it would be highly unlikely to survive the Senate filibuster.


Feinstein introduced her bill on Thursday in the midst of a gun control push by congressional Democrats.

The U.S. House of Representatives on that same day passed H.R. 8, which is being referred to as the universal background check bill. What it does is require an FBI background check for just about all gun sales – including private ones.

Democrats in the House also passed another gun control measure that looks to extend the amount of time that the government has to complete a background check before it has to issue a gun license.

H.R. 8 passed the House by a vote of 227 to 203 with eight Republicans voting in favor of it. The second bill had less Republican support.

As with Feinstein’s “assault weapons ban,” it is highly unlikely that either of these bills will be able to survive the Senate filibuster. With a 50 to 50 split in the Senate, Democrats should be unable to get enough Senate Republicans on board to meet the 60 vote threshold.

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  1. While all of these Lib cities stop and defund the Police from doing a cleanup of all the nut cases. What do they expect? Looks like they want crime so they can rule over the law abiding citizens. Communist always take the guns away from the citizens first. The fake VP bails out the criminals who destroyed and burned private hard working citizens work places and businesses that serviced their town. Vote them out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wake up America.

    1. depopulation social elites they want us dead so they can control everything the unlucky survivors of their genocide would be bound in slavery to serve the elites but i got news for them you kill us we will kill you back schemes for idiots like soros rothchilds morgans bloombergs and the rest of the elites have lost any scrap of humanity they ever had if they ever had soros that nazi bastard never had anything for anybody I would almost bet when he was loading people in trucks for the concentration camps his own parents went at his hands and the rest of them are no better they want world control under their hands.

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  3. Agree to all posts! Her own party tried to get her out, so what happened with that? She has been there too long, get her out!

  4. This isn’t gun control. This has nothing to do with gun violence or gun crime. This s disarming a free, law abiding people. TREASON. ROPE.

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