Sen. Hawley introduces the “Love America Act”

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) is continuing to lead the fight against the teaching of Critical Race Theory in America’s schools.

Breitbart reports that Hawley, on Monday, introduced a piece of legislation that would take federal funding away from schools where aspects of Critical Race Theory are taught. 

Hawley’s bill

Hawley has named his bill the “Love America Act,” which contrasts with Critical Race Theory’s seeming hate of America.

In his bill, Hawley states that problem that he is looking to address:

Increasingly, students across the country are being taught misinformation, including that the principles of the founding of the United States were lies from the start, that the core institutions of the United States are fundamentally racist and designed 10 to propagate racism, and that it is acceptable to impute guilt to present-day individuals based on the color of their skin, rather than the content of their character.

Hawley goes on to write that “the best antidote to misinformation is the truth, which is reflected in the documents relating to the founding of the United States and other artifacts of the United States, including the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and the Pledge of Allegiance.”

Accordingly, what Hawley’s bill would do is “prohibit Federal funding for educational agencies and schools whose students do not read certain foundational texts of the United States and are not able to recite those texts or that teach that those texts are products of white supremacy or racism.”


The bill specifically states the requirements a school has to meet to get federal funding under Hawley’s bill.

It states that that first grade students must be able to read and recite the Pledge of Allegiance, that fourth grade students must be able to read the Constitution and recite its preamble, that eighth grade students must be able to read the Declaration of Independence and recite its preamble, and that tenth grade students must be able to read and identify the Bill of Rights.

These are things that must be taught for a school to get federal funding. Hawley’s bill also lists those things that, if taught, would make a school ineligible for federal funds.

The bill states: “no Federal funds shall be provided to an educational agency or school that teaches that the Pledge of Allegiance, the Declaration of Independence, or the Constitution of the United States is a product of white supremacy or racism.”

Understanding what makes America great

In a statement Hawley released, he argued that “we cannot afford for our children to lose faith in the noble ideals this country was founded on.”

“We have to make sure that our children understand what makes this country great, the ideals of hope and promise our Founding Fathers fought for, and the love of country that unites us all,” he added.

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