Sen. Hawley: Republican Party must become “the party of the working people in this nation”

The Republican Party is no longer the white-collar party, says one U.S. Senator.

Breitbart reports Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) as recently arguing that the Republican Party is now the party of America’s working class. 

Two approaches

Hawley’s comments came during an appearance Friday on the Fox News Channel’s “Fox News Primetime.”

Hawley made his argument, that the Republican Party is the party of America’s working class, using the Republicans’ and the Democrats’ different approaches to trade.

The Republicans’ approach was best exemplified by former President Donald Trump’s “America First” policy. While the Democrats’ approach is anything but that. Instead, as Hawley points out, it is one in which they have teamed up with big corporations to send American jobs “overseas to the lowest bidder.”

Forcing “American workers [to] compete with slave labor”

As a result of the Democrats’ approach, Hawley argued that it is “working folks, African Americans working folks, Latino working folks, white working folks, Asian working folks,” who have been hurt.

“They’re the ones whose communities have suffered as these jobs have been shipped off to China,” Hawley added. “As these jobs have been shipped overseas to the lowest bidder to the lowest wages.”

Hawley went on to drive his point home, saying, “the Democrats have made American workers compete with slave labor, and they’ve done it in order to get rich, so the big corporations could get rich.”

The future

According to Hawley, this is where the Republican Party needs to come in and be the party of the American worker.

Hawley believes that a failure to push this message may have played a role in costing Republicans key elections, like the Georgia Senate runoffs, in 2020. And, he believes that this is the message that the Republicans ought to start pushing in order to win future elections.

“It’s time to bring those jobs back and create opportunities in our urban core, in our rural areas, everywhere,” Hawley said. “For American workers, that’s where I’d start.”

This, of course, was a hallmark of the administration of former President Trump, and something that has been popular with Americans across the country. Accordingly, Hawley’s right on the money here: supporting American workers has to be near the top of the Republicans’ platform going forward.

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