Sen. Paul argues Fauci’s vaccination push is about “uniformity of submission”

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) just exposed National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIADA) head, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Breitbart reports Paul as recently arguing that Fauci’s push to get everyone vaccinated against the coronavirus is about nothing more than “uniformity of submission.” 

It’s not every day that a politician says something like that!

Paul’s comments came during a recent appearance on the Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” There, Carlson began by asking Paul, a physician, what chance people who already had the coronavirus have of being re-infected.

Paul responded by noting that with “some diseases, like measles, when you get them, you actually have long — lifelong immunity,” whereas “if you get vaccinated, after a couple of decades, you need a booster.” Paul went on to say that, with regard to the coronavirus, we simply do not yet know what the deal is.

The backstory, here, is that Paul has already had the coronavirus, and, for that reason, he has decided that he will not get vaccinated, arguing that there is the potential that he will enjoy immunity for having already had the illness.

He, of course, has been criticized, heavily, for this.

“Uniformity of submission”

Next, Paul turned his attention to Fauci. Paul and Fauci have frequently gone after each other during congressional hearings. Paul frequently has accused Fauci of not following the science with regard to the coronavirus.

What Paul noted here was that Fauci has admitted to Congress that he “has no earthly idea” how many people who have been vaccinated have already had the coronavirus. The idea that Paul is getting at is that people who have already had the coronavirus may respond differently to the vaccine than people who have not had the virus.

Carlson, here, jumped in, saying that he was “a little confused by this.” He questioned why it is that people like Fuaci are forcing vaccines on people when they aren’t even studying basic questions about it, such as its potential harms or such as who should and shouldn’t get it.

“Well, this a huge public policy or public health question,” Paul said. “In India, they don’t have enough vaccines. So if Dr. Fauci is advising the world, which he seems to want to do, what should he tell them there? Should they give the vaccine to people who already had it? Or should they save the vaccine for those who haven’t had it?”

Paul continued: “So this is a profoundly important question for a country that has a billion people and might have 200 million vaccines. Should they waste the vaccine on people who have already gotten [the coronavirus]? The Science says no, but Dr. Fauci says, no, we’re all lemmings. Submit. It’s more about uniformity of submission and less about science.”

Paul here made some important points and raised some serious questions that the experts, including Fauci, are not answering. The question is why it is that these questions being avoided.

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