Some Republicans are joining Democrats to attack President Trump

President Donald Trump is going to have to overcome more than just the Democrats if he is going to win this November.

According to a new report by the Washington Examiner, Never Trump Republicans are working with Democrats to figure how best to stop President Trump from getting reelected. 

The Never Trump movement formed way back when Trump was only a presidential candidate. After failing to prevent his nomination by the Republicans and after failing to stop him from gaining the presidency in 2016, the group, which always seems to be forming new subgroups, has since turned its attention to preventing Trump from getting reelected.

The enemy of my enemy . . .

One of these new subgroups is called Republican Voters Against Trump, or RVAT for short. According to David Drucker, a senior political correspondent for the Examiner, RVAT is now “focused on transforming Republican voters who backed Trump in 2016 into supporters of presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden.”

To accomplish this goal, according to Drucker, they have been pooling resources with Democrats because, of course, who knows better how to take a Republican down than the group that normally tries to do so.

“We’re all on the same team,” Tim Miller, the former advisor to Jeb Bush and the co-founder of RVAT, told the Examiner.

“Since we’re in a grand coalition similar to World War II, we talk with and plan as best as possible with the various center-left groups,” added another strategist for RVAT.

The Gameplan

According to Drucker, as part of RVAT’s strategy to prevent a Trump reelection, the group is planning to spend $10 million on various forms of advertising specifically targeting Republican voters in key battleground states – Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, and so on. The messages delivered in the advertising will be based on what RVAT has learned in focus groups it has conducted to study how best to persuade Republicans who voted for Trump 2016 to vote for Biden in 2020.

“Based on what we’ve learned, what resonates with them is hearing from authentic voices like them who understand their perspective rather than being lectured to by Democrats from D.C.,” Miller explained. He added that another successful strategy is to provide testimonials from Republicans who have already switched from Trump to Biden.

Another obstacle

RVAT has, apparently, already had some success, gaining 2,000 donors since late May, and, when this is combined with other factors – such as the various polls that show Trump is trailing Biden and that his approval rating is down – President Trump certainly can’t be considered a shoo-in this November. But, perhaps, we shouldn’t make too much of the various Republicans and Republican groups that are against the president’s reelection because, after all, Biden has his own problems on this front.

There is, however, a key difference between the two situations: while Biden, clearly an establishment Democrat, has had to move further to the left, adopting new positions, to appease the new liberal movement within his party, Trump has, more or less stuck with the same sort of things that Republicans have always wanted – a strong capitalist economy, the putting of America and Americans first, insisting upon the importance of law and order, and so forth. In other words, far-left Democrats don’t like Biden because of his stance on various issues, whereas anti-Trump Republicans, for the most part, seem to just have a personal dislike of Trump.

For this reason, Republicans are more united than some outlets would have you believe. But still, we will have to see how groups like RVAT impact the presidential election this November.

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