State House Speaker: Michigan “will go red again”

The state of Michigan, in 2016, went to Donald Trump, and thus a Republican presidential candidate, for the first time since 1988. One local politician believes this is likely to happen again.

Lee Chatfield, the speaker of Michigan’s House of Representatives, recently told Fox News that “Democrats should be scared about Michigan,” saying, “it went red in 2016” and “it will go red again” come November. 

Why the sudden change?

According to Chatfield, there are “two main reasons” why the state of Michigan, for the first time in almost three decades voted Republican: “how radical and progressive the Democrat left has been” and “Trump’s focus on an economic message.”

In other words, what Democratic candidates are selling, the people of Michigan are not buying.

“The Democrats’ problem is they have to find out how do they give Michigan voters and Michigan workers attention while also proving that they’re the party not run by AOC [New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] and the Progressive left,” Chatfield said.

“And when you look at the news and you look at what the Democrat base is focusing on right now, it’s not jobs, it’s not the economy, it’s not an American first policy that speaks to the heart of the Michigan worker,” he added.

Trump’s message works

According to Chatfield, where the Democrats are struggling, President Trump is excelling.

“What Michigan workers care about is ensuring that they have a job so they can have money in their pockets, so they can put food on the table,” Chatfield said. “Trump focuses on the economic message.”

Chatfield went on to compare Trump’s United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement to NAFTA, which Biden supported as a senator, arguing that the former is “good for Michigan workers” while the latter “wasn’t good for America.”

Chatfield concluded:

So we like the American first policy. We want to make sure we have money. We want to make sure we can send our kids to school. That is Trump’s focus. That’s his message and that’s why people are going to get out and vote for him.

Game on

Over the past couple of days, both Biden and Trump have campaigned in Michigan. Chatfield’s comments were made prior to these events. Biden attempted to appeal to the Michigan worker, on Wednesday, by promising to, according to AP News, “reward U.S. companies that invest in domestic manufacturing while imposing penalties on those that send jobs to other countries.”

Then, on Thursday evening, Trump hit Biden hard, highlighting how he has failed Michigan’s working class. We’ll have to see, come November, who the people of Michigan are going to put their trust in.

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