Taliban seizes American weaponry worth billions

Here is some irony for you: While President Joe Biden and his administration have been working to disarm the citizens of America, it seems okay with having just armed the Taliban. 


If you have been keeping up on the news, then you know that the Taliban just managed to capture the country of Afghanistan in a little over a week. The terrorist group finished the job, which was facilitated by the Biden administration’s botched withdrawal of American troops from the country, over the weekend with the capture of Kabul.

You may remember a press conference that Biden gave a little over a month ago, on July 8th. During that press conference, Biden said that what has now happened – the Taliban’s capture of Afghanistan – would not happen. And, one of the reasons Biden said it would not happen is because of America’s training of the Afghan troops and because of the “advanced weaponry” that America has given those troops.

“We provided our Afghan partners with all the tools — let me emphasize: all the tools, training, and equipment of any modern military,” Biden said. “We provided advanced weaponry.”

Well, with the Taliban seizing Afghanistan, guess who now has that “advanced weaponry.”

It’s true

As Breitbart reports, the Taliban has “scooped up a vast treasure trove of American military hardware.”

According to the outlet, this includes “billions of dollars worth of armored vehicles, advanced drones, small arms, heavy weapons, and stockpiles of ammunition.” The outlet also said that it includes “American aircraft.”

All-in-all, the “advanced weaponry” taken by the Taliban adds up to billions of dollars – and those are dollars that came from the American taxpayer.

To emphasize, the Biden administration just let the Taliban terrorists capture billions of dollars of “advanced weaponry” paid for by the same Americans that Biden is trying to disarm.

A striking parallel

In related news, it turns out that the Biden administration and the Taliban have something in common: they both are working to disarm the citizens of their respective countries. We already know what the Biden administration has been up to in this regard, trying to make whatever progress it can towards gutting the Second Amendment.

But, reports indicate that the Taliban, after capturing Kabul, actually went around taking weapons from the people of Afghanistan. While doing so, the Taliban said, “we understand people kept weapons for personal safety. They can now feel safe. We are not here to harm innocent civilians.”

So, both the Taliban and the Biden administration agree that a country’s citizenry ought to be disarmed. The only question is whether both want the citizens disarmed for the same reason.

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