Ted Cruz lays out the political calculus for the next year

Glenn Younkin defied expectations on Tuesday night by becoming the first Republican gubernatorial candidate to get elected in Virginia since 2009.

Many observers argue that the outcome will have repercussions far beyond the Old Dominion. One of them is Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who said the vote should be “a big damn deal” for Democrats.  

“There are a lot of Democrats right now, I’ll tell you on Capitol Hill, who are freaked out,” Cruz told Fox News’ “America Reports” on Wednesday.

Cruz says Democratic extremism has alienated voters

“You look at Virginia last night and Glenn Youngkin ran a fantastic campaign,” Cruz acknowledged. “But it was a campaign that brought a lot of folks who had voted for Joe Biden back to the Republican side and a lot of suburban moms.”

“You look at the issues that were front and center,” he continued, calling the election “a manifestation of just how extreme the Democrats have gotten.”

According to Cruz, that includes “embracing socialism and trillions in debt” as well as “skyrocketing energy prices” and “the chaos at the southern border. The Texas senator then spoke of parents desiring to have “influence and control over what their kids are taught.”

Education became a major concern in the Virginia campaign, particularly after former Gov. Terry terry McAuliffe said during a debate that he does not believe “parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

“You know, the teaching of critical race theory, the Loudoun County School Board covering up the violent rape of a teenage girl, and then the arrogance of the Democrats saying parents have no control over that,” Cruz went on.

“And even worse, the attorney general, Joe Biden’s attorney general, calling those parents domestic terrorists. I think that directly led to the result last night.”

Left-wing columnist warns that there must be abnormal conditions for Democrats to win in 2022

Cruz is far from being alone is suggesting that Youngkin’s victory should give Democrats reason to fear, as even some on the left appear to have drawn the same conclusion.

In an article following election day, New York Magazine writer Eric Levitz warned that the Democratic Party is “staring down massive, structural disadvantages.”

Levitz went on to say that for the party to prevail in 2022, political conditions will need to be abnormal, something he doubted will be the case.

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