Texas files an antitrust suit against Google

A coalition of states – including Texas, Arkansas, Indiana, Idaho, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Utah – is taking Google to court.

Breitbart reports that Ken Paxton (R), the attorney general of Texas, is taking the lead on an antitrust lawsuit that was recently filed by these ten states against Goggle. 

The argument

Paxton’s office put out a statement on Wednesday announcing the lawsuit.

“[T]he State of Texas is leading a multistate coalition in a lawsuit against Google for multiple violations of federal and state antitrust and consumer protection laws, including anticompetitive conduct, exclusionary practices, and deceptive misrepresentations in connection with its role in the multi-trillion-dollar online display advertising industry,” the statement reads.

The lawsuit makes several allegations, including that “Google monopolized or attempted to monopolize products and services used by advertisers and publishers in online-display advertising,” and that “Google engaged in false, misleading and deceptive acts while selling, buying and auctioning online-display ads.”

“These anticompetitive and deceptive practices demonstrably diminished publishers’ ability to monetize content, increased advertisers’ costs to advertise, and directly harmed consumers,” the statement reads.

The “Internet Goliath”

Paxton also put out a tweet on Wednesday that included a video in which he explains the accusations in more of a down-to-earth way.

“Right now, when you visit the website of a news outlet you know and trust,” Paxton says, “you’ll see advertisements likely placed there by Google. But Google doesn’t tell you, the public, that they manipulate the advertising auction, and they continually, illegally profit, by taking money away from those web pages and putting it in their own pockets.”

Paxton continued, “This goliath of a company is using its power to manipulate the market, destroy competition, and harm you the consumer.”

Possible consequences

The problem with Google is not just its monopoly on the internet, but that it uses its monopoly to push a left-wing agenda. As Breitbart reports, “Far-left Google employees have in the past sought to use the company’s dominance in digital ads to punish conservative media, in particular Breitbart News.”

According to Breitbart, “If successful, Paxton’s lawsuit could hamper Google’s ability to arbitrarily punish websites by artificially manipulating the price of online ads.”

Much work needs to be done to get Big Tech under control. This would be a good step in the right direction.

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