The Biden administration is going to try to shut down Gitmo

The Associated Press released a report on Friday indicating that the administration of President Joe Biden is going to try to shut down the Guantanamo Bay Prison, also known as “Gitmo” or GTMO. 

Whether or not the administration will succeed is another story, altogether.

A “robust” review

White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Friday announced that the Biden administration’s “intention” was to close the Guantanamo Bay Prison facility down. Psaki, however, stopped short of saying when this will happen.

Instead, Psaki said that, before the detention facility can be closed, a “robust” review process would be needed that includes “many players from different agencies.” Psaki indicated that this would include officials from the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice, some of whom have yet to be officially sworn in.

Emily Horne, a spokeswoman for the National Security Council, provided a similar statement to NPR.

“We are undertaking an NSC process to assess the current state of play that the Biden administration has inherited from the previous administration, in line with our broader goal of closing Guantanamo,” she said. “There will be a robust interagency process to move forward on this, but we need to have the right people seated to do this important work.”

A brief history of GTMO

It was in January of 2002 that the prison located at America’s Naval Station in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, was opened. Its purpose was to house suspected members of terrorist groups, such as al-Qaida and the Taliban.

In 2003, the facility was at its height, housing some 650 suspects. Today, however, there are only 40 individuals being held, which includes five who are suspected to have played a role in the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack.

The dropoff began under former President George W. Bush, who released 532 prisons before leaving office. And, it continued under former President Barrack Obama, who released 197 more. Under Former President Donald Trump, one Suaid prisoner was released after reaching a plea deal in his case.

The difference is that Bush and Obama were in favor of shutting the facility down, whereas Trump was not. Bush thought of the facility as “a propaganda tool for our enemies and a distraction for our allies” and Obama thought of it as a bad policy and a waste of money.

It was Obama’s administration that made the first real push to shut the facility down, promising to do it within a year. That effort failed, however, after he came up against opposition for wanting to house such prisoners on U.S. soil.

Like Obama, President Joe Biden, too, has promised to try to close the Guantanamo Bay Prison down. We’ll see if he is more successful. He will face similar opposition to the effort.

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21 Responses

    1. That’s just it! They want it closed down so they won’t be put there!! My opinion Pelosi and her sidekicks planned that Capital riot so they could blame Trump for it. Also, she was probably paying One of the groups BLM or atifa to pull her plan off if you noticed the police were letting people in. They were one of the groups dressed up like the police. Why do you think BLM is rioting in DC because the Dems haven’t paid them their money for causing the riot. I heard if they didn’t get their money they will burn down DC. Pelosi needs to be Impeached! She is a scummy sicko,!! The rest need to resign!! All of their brains are ate up with Trump Hate.

  1. WHY would anybody with ANY common sense,want to close GITMO? This place houses TERRORIST. WHY would you want to release people that were tied to 911? They killed thousands of innocent people. They NEED to pay for what they did. DO NOT close GITMO and send these filthy people to the electric chair. They need to be punished, not set free to kill again. Biden, you and the democrats are IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!

    1. My cousin died in this attack, how do think I feel about it ? If this idiot feels his Politics are better then lives, I have a feeling his going to meet his maker

      1. Sorry about your cousin.
        Biden is not going to do anything right for the people and our Country.
        He is going to get worse. His spookiest working in the back making all the Rules.
        Where will they put them.

      2. So sorry about your cousin. Why haven’t they told the names of the people killed and be respectful to acknowledge them? Why haven’t any familes come forth and spoke out?

    2. They have been letting Terrorists go.
      Our Government is ridiculous. That’s why people get angry and not happy with Politicians.
      They are getting worse and a waste of our money.

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  3. There are always other places to put them out of our misery. I wonder if space force has come up with a space prison.

  4. Biden is merely following the obama playbook because he does not have the mental capacity to come up with an original though of his own. We can figure from the schedule that biden is following on who holds the strings to the puppet in office and who will eventually become the scapegoat for all the turmoil that has been activated. A civil war will clear the air on the corruption and Gitmo will be needed to house these domestic terrorists.

    1. You said it exactly the way it is going with Obama Me 2.
      He doesn’t have an ounce of 🧠 brain of his own never did.
      Biden is going to get people so pissed that there will be a civil war. People are not going to take a lot of his and their krap.

    2. Oh yes, Obama is the mob boss! Half the time Joe doesn’t know where he is. Let alone think up the policies to sign. Obama is no good. when they clean the swamp they need to make sure they pick him up along with the Clintons.

    1. Besides Gitmo, our A-hole commie leader , is getting cozy with Iran, how did this total moron get elected, oops I forgot he cheated to win.

  5. Guess he wants to shut it down before he and his demonrat cronies can be sent there. And—- where will he put those prisoners who are there now? On u.s.soil in our prisons? Clearly common sense is not one of the demonrats virtues!

  6. SENILE JOE, will house the detainees at the White House, he’s adamant of closing the facility, then he could house them in his home in Delaware, they could work on the house while Senile Joe, is destroying our country

  7. Hence justification for the fence and guards around Capitol Hill. Kamala Harris will bail them out and guess where they will go?

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