The blue-state exodus is real – Americans are leaving Democrat-run states

People are leaving Democrat-run states in large numbers. 

The Tax Foundation just published a year-end report showing the migration patterns of Americans during 2020. Let’s just say that the population of red-states is on the rise.

“Where did Americans Move in 2020?”

The top five states for “outbound migration,” that is the states that Americans are leaving, are New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Connecticut, and California. The top five states for “inbound migration,” the states that Americans are moving to, are Idaho, South Carolina, Oregon, South Dakota, and Arizona.

The reader will likely notice that the first group consists of Democrat-run states, while the second group consists of Republican-run states. And, the curious reader will likely ask whether this is a coincidence. This, as always, is not an easy question to answer.

The Tax Foundation lists a number of reasons why it is that people left some states for others. The given reasons include such things as the ability to work remotely, retirement, and high taxes. High taxes, of course, are a feature of Democrat-led governments.

Another feature of Democrat-led governments are overbearing coronavirus rules, and, according to the Tax Foundation, this was a major reason why people left both New York and California.

Potential Consequences

In California and New York, in particular, the decline in population is so great that it can hurt these states politically.

Reports indicate that 135,000 people left California in 2020, which is 40,000 more than have moved there. This means that California could both lose a seat in Congress and an Electoral College vote, considering that such things are based on population.

New York, too, could lose a representative in the House, dropping it down to 26 Electoral College votes. Reports indicate that at least 126,000 people left New York in 2020.

This may sound like good news for Republicans, but this is not necessarily the case.

The worry is that the Democrats leaving blue-states will take their Democratic political viewpoint with them eventually turning Republican states Democrat. Ironically, in doing so, they would cause the states to which they have moved to become just like the states that they have left.

This is certainly a trend worth keeping an eye on.

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27 Responses

  1. Let’s hope that all those moving to red states don’t try to chance the red states into the same mess that they are running from. Red states are managed much better and have less severe problems.

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  3. If a dum democrat moves to a republican state. They just better leave their democrat ideas behind, we don’t need them turning a republican state into a democrat state for which they kept. Stay home if that’s your intent.

  4. Well, they aren’t posting my comments. So, this site censors comments. I have tried twice and it won’t post. I guess any suggestion of fighting back is a no go!

    1. I live in Florida, and EVERY time I talk to someone from the north, they say, we don’t do it that way, like the south is messed up. Go back to where you come from if you don’t like the way we do it here. I always say, then why did you move here!

  5. Snow flakes move from a blue to a red state because they don’t like the way their state is being taxed and otherwise run but forget that it is their voting record that caused the problem and bring that same voting idea with them and then screw up their new homes.

  6. Believe it or not, there are Trump supporters who have awakened to the futility of living in Democrat-run states and want no more of it. With corrupt local election officials, they realize that their votes will be overwhelmed and their tax payments are money down a rat hole. So, in their own best interests they are moving to better-run, safer Republican-run states in another aspect of the “walk away movement”.

    1. Then why do they also say, “We do it this way up NORTH? If you want to do it that way, then stay where you come form. I figured you moved because you wanted something different

    2. I agree Tom. I lived in CA my entire life. It used to be a great state. It started to turn and I didn’t like the directions CA was headed. In 2013, I vacationed in Idaho. I fell in love with this beautiful state and the people. I’m conservative And I’m happy that I moved here. I absolutely love it here and so much to do here. A lot of great people. I pray it stays red. I was 65 when I moved here.

  7. This FACT is why anyone with a Brain knows that Pedo Joe and the Ho stole the Election. Well the Democraps, FAKE Republicans, and the RINOS helped.

  8. Those snowflakes have already ruined Colorado. Get Katie curic to deprogram the snowflakes like she wants to do to conservatives.

  9. Don’t bring your demonrat politics with you, If you go to a Republican state! We don’t want our states turning into what you left behind!

  10. The Democrats have destroyed the Constitution. With the power they have now, there will not be another election. They will just change democrat leaders by selection.

  11. Red state governors should keep their National Guardsmen in their own state. They may need them as a state militia.

    1. This was one of the few things I did not agree with Gov DeSantis. He should never have sent our National Guards to D.C.

  12. Thats the problem, they bring their baggage with them ,they make a red state blue that’s what the Democrat Party plans. So beware, all these states that are red the Democrat are coming to steal the votes.

  13. That is exactly what has happened to Arizona. Too many liberals migrating from California to avoid the high taxes in California because of their liberal ideas, move to Arizona then vote vote for liberal candidate and turned the State BLUE. In three years the tax rates will double to pay for liberal policies. 🤬

  14. Please do not move to Montana. It is still a beautiful state full of Mountain lions, Bears, Wolves, rattle snakes of several types. Between them and us, we are all just fighting for our survival and way of life and if pushed hard enough will fight to the death to keep it that way. Please do not make us prove it.

  15. In Montana we derive our rights from the laws of nature and no where else. Moving here could prove likely to shorten your outlook by a bit.

  16. Why are such Extreme Radicalized Elected City and State Officials Elected to Begin With and Then Reelected ????!!!!???? Wake Up America and Be Very,Very Careful For Who and What You Vote For !!!!!

  17. If people come from blue states leave your politics were you came from or you won’t be welcome we are Republican’s and we don’t want a bunch of democrats messing things up for us so stay where you are and don’t come hear.

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