The NFL plans to ramp up its social justice messaging during the 2021 season

Many professional sports leagues are backing away from politics after their decision to go woke cost them television ratings. But, not the National Football League (NFL).

Breitbart reports that the NFL, instead, is doubling down on its social justice campaign. 

The latest

If you watched the NFL at all during the 2020 season, then you know all about the league’s social justice push. Following the civil unrest that occurred during the summer of 2020, the NFL decided to take action to combat perceived systemic racism.

Accordingly, for the first week of the 2020 season, the NFL played the so-called Black national anthem before games. Players, additionally, put social justice messages on their helmets, and stadiums put such messages on their fields. This continued throughout the season, along with players kneeling in protest of America during the U.S. National Anthem.

Now, the NFL is going to go a step further. Rather than just playing the so-called Black national anthem before Week 1 games, the NFL plans to play it during special broadcasts, playoffs, and the Super Bowl. NBC is one outlet that already announced that it will participate by airing both the U.S. National Anthem and the so-called Black national anthem.

In addition to this, players will continue to put social justice messages on their uniforms, and stadiums will do the same on their fields. Some of the messages that are expected to be put on the fields are “It Takes All of Us,” “End Racism,” and “Inspire Change.”

And, reports indicate that NFL players will be allowed to continue protesting against the United States, even during games, so long as they keep the protest “peaceful.”

In short, the NFL, for the 2021 season is going full woke.

What will follow?

The NFL, during the 2020 season, experienced a significant dropoff in television viewership.

Reports indicate that, on average, the NFL, during the 2020 season, had 8 percent less television viewership. Numerically, that is roughly a 15 million viewer dropoff.

We, of course, don’t know why that dropoff occurred. But, many place the blame on the league’s decision to enter into politics, and they point to a similar correlation in other professional sports. The NBA, for example, also saw a ratings dropoff after going political.

If this argument is correct, then it would be likely that the NFL will continue to experience a decline in viewership.

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