Top research psychologist: Google trying to shift 10 percent of voters away from Trump

A top research psychologist just explained to Breitbart the insidious ways in which Google is trying to influence voters ahead of the general election.

Dr. Robert Epstein, the senior research psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology, told Breitbart that Google is looking to use its internet dominance to shift 10 percent of the voting public away from voting for President Donald Trump. 

Tweaking the algorithms

Epstein made this revelation during an appearance on Brietbart News Daily this week. He started off by talking about how Google makes alterations to its algorithms to suppress conservative content.

“None of this is gonna come as a surprise to this audience but I don’t think a lot of people by and large understand exactly how much they can manipulate you,” he said. “Google can, with just a slight tweak to search results or search suggestions or their algorithm.”

Epstein proceeded by giving an example that actually involves Breitbart.

It’s already happening

Back in 2016 – just after President Trump won the election –  Breitbart put out a report on leaked video footage in which tech leaders, including those of Google, obviously dismayed, came up with a plan to thwart Trump’s agenda and, more generally, to put an end to the sort of populism that they believe led to Trump’s election. The leaders were recorded saying that they want to make this populism a “blip” or “hiccup” in history.

According to Epstein, “Since then Breitbart’s reach has wildly diminished within Google,” and “this cannot be a coincidence.”

Epstein went on to explain why this cannot be a coincidence, saying that “it’s so easy for them to suppress the content of any sort.”

Epstein continued:

I published a big article on this in 2016 called The New Censorship. I focused on nine of Google’s blacklists, this is without ever seeing one and without the company admitting they had such things. But last year, Zach Vorhies left the company, quit the company, and took with him 950 pages of documents and a video and two of those documents were Googles blacklists…

A big threat

According to Epstein, these sort of techniques – whether it is these blacklists or changes to algorithms or other stuff that we probably haven’t even heard of yet – are “enough to shift roughly ten percent of the voting population of the United States with no one knowing they’re being manipulated and no paper trail for authorities to trace.”

He went on to detail new methods that he is using to track this kind of voter manipulation.

As Epstein points out, this is a massive threat to the legitimacy of our elections, and something we should all be aware of.

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