Trump and Newsom join forces to address CA wildfire problem

An unlikely alliance has just been formed.

Breitbart reports that the Trump administration and California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) are going to work together with the goal of preventing future wildfires. 

This was unexpected

California, as we know, has experienced particularly bad wildfires in recent years, fires that have claimed both land and life. Just this year alone, dozens of fires caused by lightning storms have burned through more than 800,000 acres of land. In the past five years, that figure is 5.3 million acres.

Now, the administrations of Trump and Newsom are joining forces to do something about this. The two have agreed to the Shared Stewardship of California’s Forest and Rangelands plan.

Under this $1 billion plan, California’s wetlands will be restored, sustainable timber harvesting will be commenced, and a large portion of its vegetation removed by 2025. “It addresses many of the fire safety problems facing California, including a lack of funding, poor collaboration between agencies and the need to better protect vulnerable communities — issues that fire scientists and forest ecologists have long flagged,” reported the San Francisco Chronicle.

The plan seeks to reduce the risk of wildfires on 500,000 acres of land each year.

Has Newsom seen the light?

Just a couple of weeks ago, President Donald Trump approved a disaster declaration for California. In response, Gov. Newsom, a far-left politician and thus anything but a Trump supporter, surprised many with an expression of gratitude.

“Thank you to the President for your partnership and granting this urgent Major Disaster Declaration,” Newsom said. “California is battling two of the largest fires in our history and has seen nearly 600 new fires in the last week caused by dry lightning strikes. These are unprecedented times and conditions, but California is strong – we will get through this.”

Newsom and Trump disagree on just about everything, including the wildfires. In recent speeches, Newsom, for example, has simply chalked the wildfires up to mother nature and left it at that.

Trump, on the other hand, has, throughout his presidency, blamed California’s wildfire problem on poor forest management.

This is what makes the recent agreement so surprising:

It appears that Newsom’s administration has come to agree with President Trump that the wildfire problem can be mitigated with better forest management.

We’ll have to see if this unlikeliest of alliances proves successful in the future.

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