Trump blasts Pres. Biden over souther border crisis, warns more Haitian migrants on the way

According to former President Donald Trump, the surge of illegal southern border crossings by Haitian migrants isn’t over just yet.

In a statement that he released from his Save America PAC on Monday, Trump warned that an additional 20,000 Haitian migrants are getting ready to make the trek to America. 


Trump’s statement comes after the recent surge that saw some 15,000 Haitian migrants illegally cross over into America, where they camped out under the international Del Rio bridge in Del Rio, Texas, while waiting to be detained and processed by U.S. authorities.

The Biden administration has now cleared this encampment out. While some of the Haitian migrants were returned to Haiti, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has revealed that about 12,000 were released into the United States.

And this, of course, is only a small instance of the trend that we have seen since President Joe Biden took over and reversed Trump’s immigration policies. The result has been multiple months with over 200,000 illegal southern border crossings, and over 1 million illegal crossings overall so far in 2021.

“Wave after wave”

In his statement, Trump not only warned about the 20,000 Haitians that he says are coming, but he also warned that this will just be the beginning.

“Now, news reports indicate another 20,000 Haitians are staged in Columbia preparing to make the trek to our Southern Border,” Trump wrote. “But that’s just the beginning. Wave after wave are heading our way, INVITED here to break our laws by Biden, Mayorkas, and the Marxist Democrats.”

Trump continued:

Indeed, at this very moment, House Democrats are preparing to pass a Reconciliation Bill that includes total amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, and removes all limits on green cards and chain migration. Democrats are playing for keeps.

“The laughing stock of the globe”

Earlier in his statement, Trump lamented what America has become under Biden.

“Just eight months ago, the whole world knew that if you illegally violated America’s borders, no matter where you came from, you’d be immediately caught, promptly detained, and swiftly removed—perfect precision clockwork,” Trump wrote, adding, “Our border was the envy of nations.”

Trump continued:

Now, our border is the laughingstock of the globe. Anyone, from anywhere, can just illegally walk across our border, turn themselves in, and then be on to the city of their choice. No testing, no masking, no mandates. Free healthcare, deliveries, and medical services in our emergency rooms, all paid for by taxpayers. Drugs pour through like water. Our border agents are disrespected, denigrated, and demoralized.

Trump concluded his statement by urging Republicans to “stay united for America,” otherwise, he said, “we won’t have a Country left.”

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