Trump Jr: the Republican “party of Liz Cheneys is over”

Breitbart reports Donald Trump Jr., the son of former President Donald Trump, as saying that “the part of Liz Cheneys is over.” 

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) is the GOP number three in the House of Representatives. She also leads the House GOP conference.

Recently, she has come under fire for voting to impeach Trump following the January 6th Capitol riot, which she believes that Trump is at least partially responsible for. She has also argued that there is no place for Trump in the Republican Party going forward.

Accordingly, Cheney has become representative of the anti-Trump GOP establishment-types, which many would argue includes Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

It’s over

According to Donald Trump Jr., however, the Republican Party actually no longer has a place for the likes of Cheney. Trump Jr. said as much at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) which has been taking place over the past several days.

“The party of Liz Cheneys is over,” Trump Jr. said. “She’s got the popularity of her father in a quail hunt right now. And we have to make sure we get rid of those kinds of Republicans.”

Trump Jr. went on to argue that the Republican Party cannot afford to “revert back to the Republican Party of old,” which, again, is represented by Cheney.

Instead, Trump Jr. said that people want “those who will step up, those who will fight for freedoms, those who will fight to keep schools open, those who will fight to keep businesses open, [and] those who will engage with an activist media that hates their guts.”

Trump Jr. said, that although there are members of Congress who “want to go back to the old establishment ways because they’re comfortable with it because that’s where they can thrive,” “their constituents don’t. Their constituents won’t.”

The future

Kimberly Guilfoyle, at this point, added that there is “a thirst out there” for the kind of politics that we saw from former President Trump.

Indeed, polls indicate that Trump is as popular as ever. He is by far the Republicans’ leading candidate for the 2024 presidential race.

Trump will speak at CPAC on Sunday where he is expected to tease his 2024 run, although he has no plans to announce that run any time in the near future.

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10 Responses

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  2. I was trying to figure the Republicans out, the ones who won’t stand and fight. I remembered back to a year when I was Wiccan. Threats came and I thought I was supposed to be peaceful so ignored them. Finally, an older hand came up to me, “Being Wiccan doesn’t mean that you can’t defend yourself.” I know it’s hardly an exact comparison and there are a few who get in there it should be all.

  3. The swamp runs deep & will take a 2022 overhaul plus more. There can be no more middle of the road republicans moving forward!
    Must take back conservatism so now is the time for Cheney & others to GO!

    Clean the swamp NOW a patriot!

  4. I definitely agree with the above remarks. There’s no room for these RINO’S in the Republican Party in 2021 and in the future. If you do not have guts do what it takes to take on the democraps, then pack your bags and leave

  5. Frankly, I’m surprised one of the nut jobs who are such zealots and loaded for bear with weapons hasn’t taken out the most evil person in the democratic wasteland! She is so asking for it with her demands for everyone but herself to follow her rules, even when they make no sense! I just loved it when she was showing off, with her silly scarf, that turned out to b a semi-religious symbol for blacks, and knelt down; then she couldn’t get up and had to have someone pull her up!! Oh, yeah, every dog has her day, including this pathetic human waste!

  6. I sent a hurricane email to Sen. Susan Collins telling her that we don’t need her, and that she is highly responsible for our Nation to be turning into a Communist Country. I told her to get off the fence, traitor! And to go put her head in the sand.

    Oh I had a lot of choice words that I wanted to use, but reserved not to use them. Anyway, I think that she’s gotten the message.

  7. We DO need a party that stands up for human rights, the constitution, freedom, the unborn, like President Trump did. No more “ wishy washy” fence sitters, rinos that cave to the demonrats! They must be ousted, and the true freedom fighters put in. Term limits for certain, many have been there too long, and need to go, Piglosi bieng the first one out( though she is a demonrat) and mcConnel as well. The republicans need to grow a pair and get a spine, fight the Dems in everything they are trying to shove down our throats, and refuse to give up.

  8. Pelosi and her ilk have made very clear that it is about power and party to them along with their usual vindictiveness, hypocrisy, etc. If they cared one whit about us they would appreciate all President Trump did that benefitted our country and people. Instead the current administration is undoing everything good President Trump did

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