Trump might take New York this November

The impossible might just happen.

According to Fox News, there is speculation that the typically deep blue state of New York could go red in the general election. 


This story gained momentum earlier in the week when President Donald Trump stated that his campaign is “putting New York in play.”

What the president meant by this is that he and his team aren’t just going to cede New York to Joe Biden and the Democrats in the general election, as other Republicans may have done in the past. New York, of course, is usually a lost cause for Republicans.

But, this November, President Trump thinks that he actually has a chance to steal the state away from the Democrats, citing New York’s high taxes and its recent increase in violent crime.

“So we’re going to try very hard to win New York and that will be the first time — is that since Ronald Reagan, I guess? Since Ronald Reagan,” Trump said.

Local official agrees

On Saturday, Nicole Malliotakis, a Republican member of New York’s state assembly, agreed that it is possible that Trump could win New York.

“We are excited about all of that and bringing fresh vision to this city and state because people are extremely upset with the rise in crime, the rise in taxes,” Malliotakis said. “They are really disgusted by the fact that our congressman marched with the ‘defund the police’ crowd in front of our local precinct, and this is happening all over the state.”

She added: “In fact, the people that complained the most are the ones that voted against the president in 2016, and I think they’re going to be reconsidering this November.”

It’s possible

From the outside looking in, it seems that things are not okay in New York. Recent reports have indicated that both New Yorkers and New York businesses are leaving the state in large numbers. Whether this is a result of New York officials’ handling of the coronavirus, their capitulation to the mob, the state’s high taxes, or whatever, the fact remains that the people of New York don’t seem happy.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton managed to get 59 percent of the vote in New York. Although President Trump lost the state, he is still popular in many of its districts, such as that of Malliotakis.

Given all of the above, Trump winning New York this November really doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility.

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