DANIEL VAUGHAN: Antisemitism And Israel Rip The Democratic Party Apart

 May 3, 2024

Here's a sign you know your radical left-wing protest has gone too far: Democratic Politicians feel compelled to give statements behind a podium at your rally denouncing it. That's where we've been this past week in the lead-up to police clearing out Columbia University. It's gotten so bad that Democrats realize they need to do something, which explains the police raids.

The panic among the rank-and-file Democrats finally started to percolate to the White House. Politico reports, "The White House is staring down a spring of unrest, with Democrats growing ever fearful that the tensions flaring on college campuses could spiral into political poison for the president."

According to Politico, it's so bad that Democrats are back to worrying about Biden's capacity to perform the job. "Some Democrats harbor doubts about whether there is a plausible path to wade through this thicket and whether the president has the capacity to manage the discontent underlying the protests."

What looms largest of all is the Democratic Convention set for August. The Free Press published the growing desire of these radicals to disrupt the convention. These Jew-hating types want a repeat of 1968, which "was a bloodbath, with 600 arrests in one street battle that was broadcast all over the world."

It's the kind of scene that a rational person would look at and say, "Oh, so that's how Donald Trump is going to win in November."

The divide isn't outside the Democratic Party, however. As the House overwhelmingly passed legislation to help police antisemitism on these college campuses, 70 Democrats voted against the measure. The usual suspects like the 'The Squad' and the rest were involved in trying to defeat the legislation.

What is the plan for this White House? Politico says a moonshot, "What happens next will be largely determined by the White House's ability to successfully broker a ceasefire deal between Israel and Hamas, which would include the release of the remaining hostages, allow for a flood of aid to reach Gaza and potentially prevent an Israeli offensive in Rafah. White House officials see such a deal as a crucial step in simmering the growing pro-Palestianian protests in the U.S."

That will be hard to accomplish because Hamas rejects all the peace offers. Hamas doesn't want to turn over hostages; it can't guarantee hostages are even alive, and any deal that means Israel exists is a nonstarter for the terrorist group. Hamas exists for one purpose: eradicating Jews. Ceasefires are meaningless to them.

Returning stateside makes the "ceasefire" crowd here even dumber. They aren't calling for a peaceful resolution to a war. These radicals support Hamas's mission to eradicate Jews. That's also why we're seeing more and more videos and reports of Jews being targeted on college campuses.

The most rabid of all build fake shields and put on protective gear to charge at police lines. When you drill down and get these so-called protesters to answer questions, they refuse to answer a fundamental question like: "Does Israel have the right to exist?"

They won't be able to ignore these questions forever, however. A significant lawsuit is targeting the National Student for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and the American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), claiming these are nothing more than recruiting wings for Hamas.

Saturday Night Live ran a skit nearly a decade ago mocking this. A father is dropping off his daughter at college in a touching, teary-eyed scene. And when the camera pans, a truck with ISIS drivers pulls up to take the daughter away. The dad says, "Take care of her," and the ISIS guy nods while solemnly saying, "Death to America."

SNL got a blowback for that skit. But here we are, not even ten years later, and it's the practical truth. These radicals are aligned with the beliefs and goals of a literal terrorist organization, which gleefully butchered Jews and anyone else they could target on October 7, 2023.

In the press, we keep seeing things like, "This is about criticizing Israel!" If you want to criticize Israel, go ahead. No one cares. Chuck Schumer is doing that on the Senate floor. There's a stark difference between criticizing Israel and having beliefs, rhetoric, and actions that line up with a literal terrorist organization.

Jews are the ones being targeted, even when they're not involved in the campus protest. If you're a Jew walking around on these campuses, these protestors are targeting you. Representative Ilhan Omar summarized this mindset well when she categorized all Jews as either pro- or anti-genocide.

If she decides you're a bad Jew, like these protestors, then you're out of luck. The only good Jews are the ones who agree with her.

I'm glad some Democrats are speaking out about this, but it's clear where the momentum is in the Democratic Party. It took far too long for Democrats to realize they needed to send police into these blue cities to break up the vile encampments. Hopefully, Democrats realize they need to go ahead and send police and the National Guard into Chicago now because the rabid Jew-hating radicals are headed that way.

" A free people [claim] their rights, as derived from the laws of nature."
Thomas Jefferson
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