DANIEL VAUGHAN: Biden Is Misfortune's Muse, He Never Gets The Answer Right

 April 17, 2024

If you're facing a multiple-choice test or even given an essay question to answer, you should get something right by sheer luck. This is especially true if you've studied and worked in a profession for decades. That is the puzzle that is Joe Biden. He has the reverse Midas touch in that whatever option he chooses goes terribly.

Aside from the Iranian attack on Israel this week, we learned that the White House's disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan led to the deaths at Abbey Gate. During the U.S. withdrawal, U.S. troops left behind the Bagram prison, which housed Abdul Rahman al-Logari, an ISIS-K terrorist released by the Taliban.

Abdul Rahman al-Logari used his freedom to become the bomber at Abbey Gate to murder thirteen U.S. service members and other innocent civilians. Also happening at that gate was the brutal murder of non-soldiers, killed in cold blood by these types. It's yet another reminder of Biden's disaster in Afghanistan, which was a precursor to everything that's come since in his foreign policy.

Then, there are all the tentacles of the Iranian government in this administration. There have been multiple explosive reports from mainstream outlets questioning the number of Iranian-influenced people in the federal government.

According to reports, this covert ring from Tehran has even infiltrated the White House and Pentagon. Robert Malley was suspended from his diplomatic roles with Iran after questionable ties to the despotic regime. Additionally, an Iranian-born Pentagon official named Ariane Tabatabai has been allowed to keep her security clearance despite having similar questions raised about her and being connected with Malley.

After watching five years of the Russian collusion narrative grip mainstream media by the throat, you'd think they'd have some cursory interest in the possibility of an undercover spy ring with Iran. This is especially true after Iran launched a war on Israel both by funding, supporting, and helping Hamas plan the October 7 attacks and now directly via war.

The final straw here comes after Iran launched a direct attack on Israel. The Biden Administration granted Iran's foreign minister a U.S. visa to attend U.N. proceedings in the United States. As a reminder, this is a country that is directly responsible for terrorist attacks against U.S. soldiers and Israel. And we're treating them like anyone else and not questioning people with ties.

Meanwhile, in large cities, we've witnessed an outpouring of antisemitism and pro-terrorism sentiment. New York City police had to respond to anti-Israel protestors waving Hezbollah flags and burning American and Israeli flags. In Michigan, radical leftists were chanting "Death to America" and "Death to Israel" in the streets. These radicals are swarming universities and other places, openly advocating for Iran.

The sentiment of these groups and the influence peddlers match the actions of the White House. Biden and his allies are rallying behind new sanctions on Iran. But this is the same administration that has defended cash deals with Iran, and the White House has signaled it's unlikely to cut Iran's chief money lifeline: its oil trade. This is the same tactic Biden has taken to protect Russian oil interests while claiming to support Ukraine.

I remember going to college classes during the Bush administration, where far-leftists claimed the Iraq war was solely about oil. Those same people are loud Biden supporters now, and they're okay with his positions protecting Russian and Iranian oil because the White House is afraid of gas prices in an election year.

Biden sides with Russian and Iranian oil interests when the politics inconvenience him. He's coddling far-left radicals calling for the death of the country because they're in swing states like Michigan and Minnesota. He's not bothering to investigate or clean up Iranian influence peddlers. And there's a long trail of disasters from Afghanistan to the present with his fingerprints all over it.

Biden was selected by the Democratic Party because he was seen as an elder statesman figure with extensive foreign policy experience. That was a laughable claim at the time, but every day that goes by proves former Defense Secretary Robert Gates right: "I think he has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades." And that was in 2014—Biden has five decades of getting things wrong now.

The President may be misfortune's muse. He makes the wrong decision in every situation despite having the most powerful military at his disposal and, allegedly, the most competent analysts in the world. Somehow, Biden consistently finds disaster in whatever door he chooses, whatever multiple-choice option he picks, and whatever he writes in the essay.

We're in year four of the Biden administration, and the number of foreign policy failures are mounting by the month. America's leadership is on a poor path. The question isn't whether you're better off now than you were four years ago. The question is this: given another four years, will Biden make a single correct decision in foreign policy after fifty years of failure?

If you look at the protesters in the streets, they don't think so. And the influencer operation from Iran seems content, too.

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Thomas Jefferson
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