DANIEL VAUGHAN: Chinese Communism lies about its COVID dead

 December 19, 2022

We've known for a while that China lied about its COVID-19 numbers. In fact, there are many things we know China has lied about regarding the pandemic. But we know China hasn't given an accurate accounting of how many people contracted and died from the virus. Anecdotal evidence suggests the number could be staggering.

Officially, China has only acknowledged a little over five thousand deaths in a population of more than 1.4 billion. If you're a useful idiot, you accept these numbers and claim China's lockdown policies worked - even when there is little evidence lockdown policies prevented the spread of COVID-19 anywhere else in the world.

Lockdowns may mitigate and slow the spread, but nothing has stopped the spread of COVID-19. Zero-COVID was always a fantasy. In China, the Chinese Communist Party failed in its response. China doesn't have good vaccines, treatment options are limited, and there aren't enough hospitals to handle an influx of severe cases. Communism failed to respond to a crisis - nothing new.

China reopens.

But what has changed is China has decided to "reopen." After the Chinese people protested the draconian lockdown policies, the Chinese Communist Party decided to relent. Lockdown rules have loosened, and people are returning to everyday life.

China continues to report minimal case numbers. In the United States, we knew when we had hundreds of thousands or millions of positive cases of COVID-19 at a time. Between the Trump administration's push to get tests everywhere and Operation Warp Speed's creation of a working vaccine, America solved the crisis. While US data is not perfect, it is truthful and an attempt to be accurate.

China has never publicly tried to be truthful or accurate. That comes out when you compare China's numbers versus anecdotal stories from locals.

China's overflowing crematoriums.

The Wall Street Journal reports that China's crematoriums are overflowing with business this week. The Journal reports, "One of Beijing's designated crematoria for Covid-19 patients has been flooded with dead bodies in recent days as the virus sweeps through the Chinese capital." The WSJ says the influx is from loosening lockdown policies - which may or may not be accurate.

The Journal added this anecdote:

The woman said that Dongjiao Crematory, which is operated by Beijing municipality and which the National Health Commission has designated to handle Covid-positive cases, was receiving so many bodies that it was conducting cremations in the predawn hours and in the middle of the night. "There's no other way," she said.

She estimated that there were roughly 200 bodies arriving each day at the crematorium, from 30 or 40 bodies on a typical day. The increased workload has taxed the crematorium staff, many of whom have become infected with the fast-spreading virus in recent days, she said.

The Associated Press has journalists on the ground who observed similar issues. The AP reported, "Social media posts, business closures and other anecdotal evidence suggest huge numbers of infections." Reuters journalists said the crematorium chimneys were billowing non-stop, with workers in hazmat suits everywhere.

China's numbers don't match reality.

China is lying again. People are dying from COVID-19. We know China is under-vaccinated, its vaccine isn't as effective, and China cannot treat COVID-19 as effectively as the West. Even with our superior healthcare system, more than 1.1 million people died from COVID-19.

Back at the outset of COVID-19 in 2020, a viral story from the AP said, "Major cellphone carriers in China reported a loss of nearly 21 million subscriptions in January and February as the virus spread in the country." Both the AP and Snopes said it was a conspiracy theory to believe this drop resulted from COVID-19 deaths.

The AP said the drop resulted from "lifestyle changes" relating to the pandemic, as China entered lockdown. Snopes said, "one would have to believe that the Chinese government managed to misreport COVID-19 mortality in that country by a factor of about 7,000 ... and then let the cat out of the bag by openly publishing statistics about cellphone usage that revealed those unreported deaths."

Remember, these fact-checks came out in March 2020, when we knew nearly nothing about COVID-19. We still don't know anything about China's official numbers. But once again, anecdotal reporting from journalists on the ground in China suggests that the CCP is lying about the number of cases and deaths.

Communism always leads to more dead people.

Lying about the number of people who die under communist regimes is nothing new. While communists have long touted their system, independent estimates suggest as many as 100 million people have died from communist rule - and this was pre-pandemic.

Globally, we have counted approximately 6.6 million deaths due to COVID-19. It wouldn't shock me if we eventually get independent estimates of China that show their communist lockdown response to COVID-19 led to more deaths than all other countries combined.

Chinese communists aren't lying about their numbers because things are good. They lie because the lockdowns failed, and people perished. Whatever you think about the United State's response to the pandemic, it could have been so much worse, as China illustrates.

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