DANIEL VAUGHAN: Deport Protestors Attacking Jews

 November 13, 2023

Unless you've somehow been buried in a hole, you've no doubt seen the countless videos of vile, antisemitic marches on college campuses across the United States. Beyond that sheer hatred of Jews present in these marches, complete with Nazi symbolism, there's another growing concern: these aren't even Americans.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) faced hard questions on why it didn't discipline students on campus who were openly threatening Jews. When asked directly, MIT responded that it was concerned that disciplining students in such a manner would mean they'd get "deported."

Mixed Up Priorities On American Campuses

Call me old-fashioned, but blathering racists who are threatening Jews in the United States seem like prime candidates for deportation. If you come to America and can't peacefully live among the citizens already living here, why should you stay? MIT has its priorities entirely backward on this one.

But MIT isn't alone on this front. You can see the same groups doing the same things on other campuses, and there's no action there, either. MIT is voicing what is the unofficial policy of other universities.

Foreign Money Fomenting Hatred Of Jews

Why is this the case? While there's the obvious issue of these antisemitic groups matching the ideological beliefs of university administrators, money is also involved. A recent report found:

[A]t least 200 American colleges and universities illegally withheld information on approximately $13 billion in undisclosed contributions from foreign regimes, many of which are authoritarian.

Furthermore, "Moreover, while correlation is not causation, they found that the number of reported antisemitic incidents on a given campus has a meaningful relationship to whether that university has received funding (disclosed and undisclosed) from regimes, or entities tied to regimes, in the Middle East."

So not only are universities hotbeds for Jew-hating racism, they're likely getting paid to foster this environment. In the process, this is bringing in students abroad who carry a similar hatred with them, which is further fomenting a deeply unAmerican hatred of Jews that is flatly unacceptable.

Colleges Are At The Forefront Of Antisemitism

A common belief on the left is that racism is taught, which is why they spend so much time blasting right-wing media and universities for creating "white nationalism." If that's true, the left needs to take a long, sustained look at the rabid Jew-hatred running rampant on far-left campuses and cities in the United States.

Like most of you, I'm not holding my breath that this will happen. There are clownish figures still trying to claim every form of Jew-hatred we're witnessing is some form of white nationalism. Yet, when Paul Kessler, a 69-year-old Jewish man, was murdered during one of these deeply racist marches by "pro-Palestinians," the leading suspect was a college professor.

A college professor being involved is a little too on the nose. Remember, it was a Columbia professor who called the barbarism of Hamas "awesome." The hatred fomenting on Columbia is so deep and awful that university officials there have had to disband and kick two student groups off campus.

The New York Post did an interview a few weeks ago with a former DEI director at a university. She wrote, "I can safely say that toxic DEI ideology deliberately stokes hatred toward Israel and the Jewish people."

Time For Action

So, while these groups continue to grow and spew racist anti-Jew ideology, leftist groups are standing idly by watching Jews get harassed, threatened, assaulted, and, in some cases, killed. For people who lectured everyone for years on the need for safe spaces, they've created the exact opposite, unless you hate Jews.

Fortunately, Congress appears to be stepping in to act. The New York Post reports that Congress is heavily interested in the money flows to these universities, "According to my sources on Capitol Hill, GOP lawmakers also believe these foreign donations are at the heart of the increasingly radical pedagogy at those hallowed universities — a contributing factor in the disgusting displays by student groups at these schools celebrating the brutal Oct. 7 Hamas terrorist attacks against Jews near Gaza."

Wherever the money trail leads, the answer has to be dealing with antisemites who need to get deported. Universities and states need to prioritize protecting their Jewish citizens over Jew-hating foreigners who are threatening and assaulting Jewish citizens. Student exchange, study abroad, and other programs are not created to bring antisemites to the United States to spread their racism.

No More Defending Antisemites

MIT and other universities need to answer why they protect the attackers and not the students. These priorities are all mixed up and need to be corrected. And then Congress needs to help stop the money flow from countries funding these antisemitic groups.

We listened for over a year about the left chanting "DeFund the Police." How about we defund groups attacking Jews? That seems like a better defund movement. Kick these groups off campuses, defund them, and deport those who are violating the terms of why we let them come here.

Never Again should have meaning and teeth.

" A free people [claim] their rights, as derived from the laws of nature."
Thomas Jefferson
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