DANIEL VAUGHAN: Epstein Wasn't Alone - There Was Another Brothel Sting

 January 5, 2024

The Jeffrey Epstein fallout is everywhere. You can't open up a news site of any reputation and see anything less than the fallout from his empire of dirt. He claimed $550 million in wealth in 2019 and had connections to every major wealthy person. And even more ties to politics. Few people believe he killed himself.

But what drives his story forward is not just the evil acts of the wealthy, but the heavy evidence and testimony he was trafficking underage girls for the world's elite. We knew this before the latest treasure trove of documents. Still, the unsealed documents paint an even worse picture of the monster Epstein was in every way.

I'm not going to bore you by reciting the Epstein facts. Everyone knows them by now, and that adds little. The broader problem isn't that Epstein did what he did. Rather, it appears he wasn't the only operation in town. 

The Other Brothel Sting

Back in November, a smaller story made waves in the DC area. The Department of Justice conducted a sting of multiple brothels in the DC/Boston area. A few people were arrested at the top of the operation, but little else was released. The DOJ named no one, leaving this vague statement:

"Over the course of the investigation, a wide array of buyers were identified, including, but not limited to, politicians, high tech and pharmaceutical executives, doctors, military officers, government contractors that possess security clearances, professors, lawyers, scientists and accountants."

No names are identified, but you get the sense there are newsworthy names connected with that brothel.

Foreign Governments Operated It?

The Daily Mail reports that the intelligence community is increasingly convinced that the brothels were a honeypot operation to find secrets of the United States. The clues they identified were the locations - the brothels operated around Boston and Washington DC and had listed services.

'The most valuable information in Washington and Boston are government secrets,' a former foreign spy who is well acquainted with honeypots told DailyMail.com. 'If you open a prostitution business that caters to wealthy clients in those cities, you'll get a lot of people walking through the doors that have access to them.'

The Daily Mail added, "Former CIA Special Agent Nic McKinley, who now leads Deliver Fund, a nonprofit that works with law enforcement to combat human trafficking, echoed the point. 'If this had been a pure cash play, massage parlors are easier to set up, have lower overhead costs and print money,' he said."

From #MeToo To Honeypot Spy Rings

On the one hand, we have Epstein running a whole trafficking operation, bringing the world's most elite to his island and flying them to and from locations. Epstein was so proud of this that he kept extensive logs of everyone.

And on the other hand, we very likely have foreign governments operating similar operations under the government's nose. The targets are similar, with a slightly different goal of stealing all critical information in the US government.

Prosecutors in the DC honeypot also suggest that women were trafficked in that operation as well. In Epstein's case, he used his knowledge to potentially blackmail people. With the brothel sting, the goal may have been espionage.

Whatever the case, these kinds of busts reveal a deep rot in the nation's capital. This isn't some moralizing point against prostitution, either. We're talking about women, often underage girls, being taken against their will and forced into these situations. This is not sex work; it's sex slavery, and those in charge are grooming targets to exploit.

Epstein was targeting women to get into his inner circle. And the honeypot operation likely involved foreign governments operating on US soil to do the same.

Washington DC's Rot Deepens

The remaining unpleasant question is, what is out there we don't know? Epstein and the Boston/DC brothel busts are what we know. Does anyone expect this to be the bottom of the iceberg?

The Daily Mail noted, "None of the three suspects have known prior criminal records. The biggest mark against any of them is that James Lee received more than $500,000 in potentially fraudulent Covid relief funds."

It's not just that these operations existed. We were funding them with taxpayer dollars! There was an entire movement for a while called #MeToo, where women revealed they'd been assaulted in various ways. Some of those stories were horrific. That pales compared to what we're seeing now, and we're still seeing the fallout.

But there's always more. We now have evidence of multiple operations in Washington DC and the northeast corridor. What else are we going to find? Prosecutors seem poised to release names in the honeypot case, too.

If that happens, we will learn about more than just Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, and that level. We're going to see just how far the rabbit hole goes. Even without names, it doesn't look good.

But light is the only disinfectant that works for these stories. Release it all.

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