DANIEL VAUGHAN: Pro-Hamas Press Gets Revealed To The World

 October 16, 2023

In the middle of last week, NBC News ran an article titled: "Conservatives stoke fears of a Hamas attack in U.S.; no credible threat, FBI says." Like any good liberal outlet, they lead with the "experts say," to tell people they can stop thinking. The problem with the piece wasn't just that it was wrong - it was factually inaccurate the moment NBC News ran it. At the same time NBC News ran that piece, they published this one: "Law enforcement steps up patrols of Jewish houses of worship, businesses as calls for attacks in the U.S. intensify online."

Beyond the allegations were actual facts. Multiple Jewish schools in the U.K. closed over fears of anti-Semitic attacks. School administrators told their students to hide outward expressions of Jewishness to avoid being a target. In Germany, police told a Jewish woman she was on her own after her house got marked with the Star of David, reminiscent of when Nazis did the same. In Australia, rapid anti-Semites called for Jews to be "gassed." And in the U.S., protestors called for the same things in Australia and used Hamas paragliders as a symbol.

FBI Refutes NBC News.

And as if that wasn't enough, the FBI said the exact opposite of that NBC News report. FBI Director Christopher Wray warned this week of "Hamas copycat terror attacks on U.S. soil," and told Americans to "watch out for 'lone actors' amid a 'heightened environment' of fear." This isn't some conservative conspiracy. It's people with common sense looking around and realizing the threat is real.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist or an "expert" to understand reality here. America has lived in the post-9/11 world for nearly 25 years. Everyone understands that if a major terrorist attack happens, you must remain mindful of threats after that event. Simple self-preservation should tell that.

But these are all errors in one direction. The press assumes conservative warnings are wrong, and they're quick to blame Israel. Why is that? It's not just that there's a bias at elite media institutions; they're actively having to clear out anti-Semites.

The Media's Pro-Hamas Bias.

A case in point is the BBC - a state-funded operation actively investigating multiple reporters praising Hamas. "The controversy was sparked after several social media posts by BBC News Arabic reporters appeared to endorse comments that likened Hamas, a designated terrorist group, to freedom fighters. One of the messages alleged to have been liked include a video of bodies and kidnapped people loaded onto a Jeep captioned as a 'proud moment.' The journalists also referred to the Hamas attack on October 7 as a 'morning of hope.'"

That investigation involves "six reporters and a freelancer." An ex-BBC journalist was blasted for smirking on camera and laughing at the notion of Hamas being a terrorist organization or that "slitting baby's throats" qualified Hamas as a terrorist organization.

Moving stateside, MSNBC has had to quietly shelve three reporters who used to work for Al-Jazeera and reliably parrot Hamas propaganda on-air. NBC News got caught, too, bringing a Hamas "journalist" to its viewers. The Associated Press was seen in past years with a similar problem and had to fire a journalist who openly called for the Israeli government to get overthrown.

The Pro-Hamas Influence Ring.

While there's the obvious bias of hiring left-wing activists who hate Israel and Jews, there's another problem just below the surface. The left hates Israel and openly pursues a pro-Iran and Hamas view of the world. Think that's stretched? Let's review.

In 2007, a decade after the Clinton administration called Hamas a terrorist organization, George Soros took to the pages of the Financial Times and blasted Israel and the United States for not working more closely with Hamas. He headlined that op-ed "America and Israel Must Open the Door to Hamas."

Then came the Obama administration, who actively built a pro-Iran echo chamber (and, by extension, pro-Hamas). Obama aide Ben Rhodes bragged about it in the pages of the New York Times Magazine, about how he choked off any dissent from the Iran Deal by building his own media echo chamber. They pushed all the same points Soros parroted in the Financial Times.

Then we get to the modern conflict, and another breakthrough investigation revealed Iran has an active influence ring in Washington DC. People up and down the Biden administration have gotten paid off through this influence ring. And journalists are parroting the talking points here, too, just as they did during the Obama administration.

Media Is Due For A Cleanup of Anti-Semites.

Now everyone is looking around at the rabid anti-Semitic, Jew-hating diatribes on major news stations in shock during an event where Hamas terrorists butchered thousands of Jews. These people have told everyone who they are for decades. There should be no shock that people who built an entire media machine around pushing their lies would then turn around and be just as biased when Jews are murdered in cold blood by terrorists.

This isn't some conservative conspiracy theory, either. We have the receipts and a money trail; people have declared their allegiances in print and on air. Much like academia, anti-Semitism was given a central place in the Western news media. During ordinary times, having Jew-hating morons on air spewing their insanity is a luxury of tranquility and peace. But now we're on the brink of a regional war with these people still spouting the same idiocy.

It shouldn't have taken this long to clear the airwaves of anti-semitism. The left was warned for years, even as people like Jeremy Corbyn or any member of the Democratic "Squad" spewed their nonsense. It should not take dead Jews to make you reevaluate hiring choices. But here we are, and that exact situation has played out. We're long overdue for a change.

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