DANIEL VAUGHAN: The White House Admits It Let A Known Terrorist Cross The Southern Border

 February 2, 2024

A federal memo obtained by the Daily Caller confirmed what most sane people already knew: terrorists are crossing the porous southern border. And we're not talking about cartels that engage in terrorist acts or lone wolves. The federal government let through a person who is an active member of a violent terrorist group responsible for gruesome murders.

After the memo leaked, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) held a press conference, admitting this had happened. The terrorist was free to roam the United States for a year before ICE realized it "made a mistake."

This isn't a one-off case, nor is it a surprise this terrorist was found and arrested in Minnesota. For more than a decade, the DOJ has conducted busts and arrests of terrorists in Minnesota. Some of them have even supported Al-Shabaab, the group to which the current terrorist was a member of.

Al-Shabaab has run recruitment videos praising Minnesota members of its organization. At the same time, others have conducted terrorist attacks in other parts of the United States.

Researchers have noted that Minnesota has played a critical role in Al-Shabaab's recruitment efforts. Local news in Minnesota has reported on how specific communities in Minnesota have served as pipelines to Al-Shabaab and even sent attackers overseas to join terrorist cells.

In 2015, Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar sought funding for the Department of Homeland Security because of the threat Al-Shabaab posed to Minnesota. All these events have happened across the Obama, Trump, and Biden administrations.

In short, there's a reason the terrorist that ICE caught in Minnesota was there. He used the southern border to get to a place where many other Al-Shabaab terrorists reside and see as a home in the United States.

This was not a one-off or a lone-wolf situation. Whoever was arrested is one of many such cases we've seen in Minnesota. And it's not likely this terrorist was the first ever to cross the southern border. This is not a conspiracy theory. It's a fact.

The disaster at the southern border is a national security crisis. The FBI agrees with this assessment as well, testifying before Congress that terrorists coming across the border pose a threat to all Americans. Last fall, the federal government said 169 individuals on the terrorist list tried crossing.

The current story illustrates that those figures don't capture mistakes by border control or those who cross without the government knowing. The spike in individuals seeking to cross the border is a disaster of epic proportions that must be fixed.

John Fabbricatore, a retired ICE field director, told the Daily Caller: "Many within the Biden administration, including Secretary Mayorkas, have repeatedly assured us that the vetting process at the border is comprehensive and complete ... However, we continue to witness alarming instances where terrorists are able to freely roam the United States for months after being released at the border before their criminal and terrorist histories come to light."

Fox News shared a viral video of a so-called "migrant" telling those around him, "Soon you're going to know who I am," as he was trying to cross the southern border illegally. He repeated it several times and threatened everyone around him.

Was this guy eventually caught? It's unclear. Does the federal government under Biden's watch even care? That's unclear, too.

This is not some threat that is unknown to us. We can see the official reports from the government. The daily reporting from the border shows a constant flow of illegal people flooding into the United States.

The issue isn't about immigration at all. It's about whether or not the borders of the United States are being enforced to keep out people who want to kill us. There's no questioning what Al-Shabaab and its ilk want. There's no questioning what Hamas wants. And at this stage, there's little question these groups are exploiting the southern border to get into our states, counties, and communities.

Like most issues, the question is, where is the White House? Why has Biden focused more on rolling back enforcement at the border through executive order than enhancing it? Does he even know where the border is?

The situation is so bad that mayors are begging for aid, and Senators like John Fetterman, a Democrat, are openly blasting Biden's stance. But the usual responses on the immigration cut aren't what we need. We're dealing with a real threat from terrorists using gaps in our border to enter this country.

Even worse, the federal government isn't identifying the ones they do catch correctly. They release people they get wrong and expect everyone to go on with their lives. The status quo doesn't work if it allows terrorists to waltz into the United States.

Every week, we're given a new story that tells us the southern border is a humanitarian and national security disaster. We need a drastic change before something catastrophic happens due to the dereliction of duty from the White House on down.

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