DANIEL VAUGHAN: Universal Healthcare Is Really Death-For-All

December 4, 2023

The promise of "Medicare For All" or "Universal Healthcare" is that everyone gets their healthcare issues covered by the state, and they're not out money. In pure theory, it's a great program where life and health are promoted above all. In practice, it's never worked out that way. Further, countries like Canada are proving that states are more interested in the bottom line than saving lives.

A case in point is the story of Allison Ducluzeau, a woman living in British Colombia, Canada. Last year, she started getting abdominal pains around Thanksgiving. She thought it was just bad food, but the pain continued. After failing to get into a doctor's office due to wait times, she ended up in the emergency room due to pain.

Canada Offers Death As Treatment.

After many tests, it turned out to be a form of stomach cancer. Further tests revealed she had "stage 4 peritoneal carcinomatosis." The diagnosis was terrible, and the outlook even worse. Her primary doctor recommended "HIPEC," a targeted high dose of chemotherapy that aims to kill those cancer cells.

She was sent to a specialist who rejected that possibility, and her as a candidate for that treatment. Instead, the doctor recommends preparing for the end and medically assisted suicide:

"Chemotherapy is not very effective with this type of cancer," Ducluzeau said the surgeon told her. "It only works in about 50 per cent of the cases to slow it down. And you have a life span of what looks like to be two months to two years. And I suggest you talk to your family, get your affairs in order, talk to them about your wishes, which was indicating, you know, whether you want to have medically assisted dying or not."

Finding Hope In America

Through a long series of events, she ended up talking to an American doctor who offered both treatment and a possible prognosis of living for the rest of her natural life instead of a few months.

She ended up spending $200,000 on getting the cancer treated by doctors. She's feeling better and still on the road to recovery. But the issue now, because she's a Canadian citizen, is that they don't want to pay her medical bills.

They're throwing up the excuses you'd expect from private insurers; she should have had basic things done like colonoscopies and other tests instead of targeting the cancer and eliminating it. Remember, this is the Canadian government.

Instead of choosing to expand her life, they're mad she went in the opposite direction.

UK And Canada Both Choose Death

There was a similar story in the United Kingdom in the past few months. They removed life support from a baby after determining that treatment was pointless. This is despite the family finding alternative care in other countries. The UK wouldn't even let the parents go to another country. The UK was determined to end that baby's life.

Canada's embrace of suicide and death is not happening in a vacuum. It's a country that's trying to expand assisted suicide to include any mental illness possible, including drug addiction and eating disorders. The state is elevating death as an escape to avoid treating patients at all.

The most shocking was a woman who asked the state to cover the bills for her wheelchair ramp. She's a Paralympian, in shape, and enjoying life. The Canadian health authorities recommended assisted suicide instead of building a wheelchair ramp.

Government's Will Always Choose Lowering Costs Over Life

There are no hospital and medical fees to cover if the person is dead. There's no cost too low to consider ending a life. And if the state determines your life isn't worth it anymore, they'll cut off care entirely. There's no care or hope here. There's only a godless state trying to protect its expense line in the budget.

Canada celebrates its progressive values, but the only thing you can find there is death. And not just any death, it's the state-sponsored embrace of death as the highest ideal. You're expected to die to help perpetuate the state's bottom line.

That brings us back to the promises of Universal Healthcare. You'll find Bernie Sanders, the Squad, and progressives of all stripes pitching this as the be-all, end-all of American healthcare policy. All we have to do is glance up north or over the Atlantic to watch two nations killing the innocent to prevent higher health costs.

There are always tradeoffs. Yes, the United States has higher healthcare costs. That's the cost of valuing life and being willing to challenge death and disease to defeat them. Canada and the UK are killing their way to lower healthcare costs. We are not the same. 

That's not worth it, in my book. A nation that values life and is willing to shell out for that is worth more than those valuing death.

Government Cannot Ever Be Trusted With Healthcare

Even more critical in this, though, is that the state cannot be allowed to determine matters of life and death. It is not a neutral observer. Everything is a cell or line in a spreadsheet for the government. You're not a person; you're just an expense. If you're alive, you're paying taxes to pay off services; if you can't, you're worthless.

Practice shows that the government will always choose death. Instead of insurance companies being the most heartless, the government is the most barbaric of all. They'll kill you and declare it a public good. You're just a rounding error waiting to be praised in a politician's State of the Union speech.

That makes Universal Healthcare nothing more than subsidized Death-For-All. You can consider me a hard no-vote on that pitch.

" A free people [claim] their rights, as derived from the laws of nature."
Thomas Jefferson
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