DANIEL VAUGHAN: With Friends Like Biden, Who Needs Enemies?

 October 23, 2023

In his speeches, President Biden talks a big game about how close the United States is to Israel. But when you measure actions, the friendship veneer disappears to reveal typical liberal policies. Biden is riding both sides of the fence, touting the stereotypical lines of support for Israel while delivering far less. Hamas is holding a rocket-filled gun at Israel's head, and Biden tells Israel to show restraint. Who is the friend here?

A case in point is Israel's planned ground invasion of Gaza. It's no secret this is coming, and Israel is incentivized to strike sooner rather than later. Striking earlier prevents Hamas from getting further dug in and building more defenses. And the longer hostages remain in Hamas's control, the more in danger they are of further abuse and even death. We've all seen the videos and pictures of how Hamas treated anyone in its path. These people are the literal definition of demonic barbarism.

Biden Blocks Israel From Acting

Why was Israel delayed launching the invasion? The United States. According to reports, "The US government has asked Israel to delay its ground invasion of Gaza in a bid to free more hostages that were captured by Hamas - and to help aid enter into the war-torn strip, according to insiders."

The first point on hostages makes no sense at all. Hamas isn't an honest broker to barter lives with. The second point on humanitarian aid makes even less sense. The UN reported and then hid allegations that Hamas was stealing humanitarian aid. What has Biden done about this? He sent out Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to deliver a strongly worded tsk tsk to Hamas, "If Hamas steals or diverts this assistance it will have demonstrated once again that it has no regard for the welfare of the Palestinian people and as a practical matter it will hinder the international community from being able to provide this aid."

I'm sure Hamas feels terrible about what they did now. Moral lectures from Anthony Blinken are the best deterrent the Biden White House has these days. I guess that makes sense with a President who gets fact-checked seemingly every other week on whether he "actually" fell asleep while talking to a world leader or loses track of what he's saying at any point.

Sarcasm aside, it is troubling that the United States is sending any humanitarian aid at all. If any country needs that - it's Israel, the country that got attacked.

Senator Marsha Blackburn made this same point about the Biden funding plan: "Even last week, we got a report that Hamas was intersecting aid that was going and whether it is money, food, fuel even first aid kits and medical supplies — they're taking it all and it is not even Gazans ... So, we've got to move to a position where humanitarian aid is going to make it to people that are suffering, and not terrorists."

At this stage, no one in the White House can make these assurances. In Afghanistan, Biden turned over American military weaponry and resources to terrorists. He's cut multiple billion-dollar sweetheart deals for the Iranians, who are funding Hamas and Hezbollah. And now they're promising more aid money to "Gaza," which is nothing more than resources for terrorists bent on killing Jews and Americans.

With friends like these, who needs enemies? Joe Biden claims to support Israel in its efforts to defend itself against barbaric terrorists who only want to kill Jews. Yet, at every step of the way, he's throwing up roadblocks or outright aiding the enemy. Every day without an Israeli ground invasion allows Hamas to defend itself further.

Writing in Commentary Magazine, John Podhoretz said:

On Passover we say: In every generation they rise up to destroy us. And while we continue with the words: and the Holy One, blessed be He, stays their hand, we must always help Him out. The first enemy of the newly constituted nation of Israel was Amalek. Exodus 17:8 provides the first account of the defeat of an enemy of the Jews. And it is the direct result of Moses's discovery that if he held up his hand and kept it up, no matter what and no matter how long it might take, the tide of battle would turn toward the Israelites.

As Moses's hand was raised, the hand of Israel is raised now.

Instead of helping keep Israel's hand raised, the American President is trying to hold Israel's hands down. We should be standing in lockstep agreement with them. Senator Mitch McConnell was right when he said, "Israel is our strongest ally in the world ... We trust them, and we have a very tight relationship with them both on the intelligence side and the military side. So I don't think the kind of oversight we're talking about for Ukraine, for example, would be necessary for Israel."

That's apparently untrue for the Biden administration. It's one thing to try and keep a broader conflict from breaking out; that's at least an understandable reaction from the Americans. It's another to prevent Israel from responding to Hamas itself in Gaza.

Israel needs new "friends" in the White House.

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