14 Democrats side with Republicans in vote blaming Biden for the border crisis

 March 14, 2024

Fourteen Democrats crossed the aisle to help pass a House resolution blaming Joe Biden for the border crisis, as the embattled president makes an effort to shift responsibility ahead of the presidential election.

The resolution, brought by Monica De La Cruz (R-Tx.), urges Biden to take immediate executive action. It passed 226-193.

The language in the resolution is a direct response to Biden, who has claimed his hands are tied without reform in Congress to fix a "broken system."

Instead, the House just made clear that the border crisis is part of Biden's legacy, whether he likes it or not.

House condemns border crisis

The resolution holds Biden and Department of Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas responsible for "the worst border security crisis in the Nation’s history."

The bill notes that Biden "systematically dismantled effective border security measures and interior immigration enforcement" on his first day in office, and urges him to take immediate corrective steps, such as restoring President Trump's Remain in Mexico policy and ending "catch and release."

Biden has blasted Republicans for rejecting an immigration bill that he has described as the "toughest" border reform ever proposed in Congress.

But Republicans have said the bill is full of loopholes and is primarily meant to help Biden wash his hands of a potent, and self-inflicted, political threat.

Immigration has become one of the top concerns for voters and a major liability for Biden's re-election campaign.

Biden's blame game

Most Democrats have updated their messaging to blame Republicans for the crisis, which Biden and his party spent the past three years downplaying as illegal immigration soared to record highs.

The issue has been inflamed by a spate of high-profile crimes, including the murder of a Georgia nursing student, Laken Riley, by a foreign national.

Liberals were outraged when Biden described Riley's killer as an "illegal" during his State of the Union Address. Biden then apologized for using that language, only for the White House to backtrack again and claim that Biden never apologized.

Biden's fear of his liberal base has left him walking on eggshells, but some Democrats are unwilling to become collateral damage in his open-borders disaster.

The fourteen Democrats who condemned Biden are Yadiar Caraveo (Colo.), Angie Craig (Minn.), Cuellar, Sharice Davids (Kan.), Donald Davids (N.C.), Jared Golden (Maine), Steven Horsford (Nev.), Greg Landsman (Ohio), Susie Lee (Nev.), Jared Moskowitz (Fla.), Frank Mrvan (Ind.), Mary Peltola (Alaska), Marie Gluesenkamp Perez (Wash.) and Eric Sorensen (Ill.).

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