14th Amendment cases continue push to remove Trump from ballot

 November 13, 2023

The Minnesota Supreme Court dismissed a case to remove former President Donald Trump from the primary ballot this week, but the battle continues in other states.

Colorado and Michigan are currently looking at cases that could keep Trump from future ballots due to claims of insurrection related to Jan. 6, 2021.

2 down, more to go

"Minnesota is not the only state that blocked challenges to Trump’s candidacy," according to Fox News.

"Last month, a federal judge in New Hampshire also dismissed a lawsuit that sought to use the 14th Amendment to keep Trump off the ballot," it added.

The Colorado Case

"The Colorado judge presiding over a case to keep former President Donald Trump off the state’s 2024 ballot using an 'insurrection' clause of the 14th Amendment has been exposed as being potentially compromised," the Conservative Brief reported.

"According to a report from Colorado Politics, Trump attorney Scott Gessler last week sought to have Denver District Court Judge Sarah B. Wallace recuse herself over a $100 donation she made to the Colorado Turnout Project before she took the bench," it added.

The battle continues

"In the case’s three days of hearings so far, plaintiffs have argued that Trump was responsible for the violence on Jan. 6 because of a long-standing and developed relationship with far-right extremists. They also argued that the 14th Amendment would apply to Trump and that the Jan. 6 attacks do count as an insurrection, by definition applicable to the amendment," the Hill reported.

"Trump’s defense has opposed those arguments and began presenting its case after the motion was denied Wednesday," it noted.

Trump also faces a yet-unheard case in Michigan, a top battleground state headed into 2024.

The former president recently spoke in the state during the second GOP debate, seeking to stand out during the auto workers strike in the Detroit area.

Trump's poll numbers continue to remain high despite the multiple legal battles that also include over 90 charges in cases in Washington, Georgia, and Florida. The days ahead will increase in intensity as the courts determine whether the nation can decide on whether to give Trump a comeback win.

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