24-year-old black male charged with murder in Atlanta hospital shooting

 May 4, 2023

Alanta police have identified the suspect in Wednesday's deadly hospital shooting as a 24-year-old black male, Deion Patterson. 

The killer was arrested and charged hours after he opened fire around noon at Northside Hospital, killing one and injuring four.

He is charged with one count of murder and four counts of aggravated assault.

Shooter arrested in Atlanta massacre

The sole murder victim was identified as 39-year-old Amy St. Pierre, an employee at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

“CDC is deeply saddened by the unexpected loss of a colleague killed today in the Midtown Atlanta shooting. Our hearts are with her family, friends, and colleagues as they remember her and grieve this tragic loss," the agency said.

Four other women aged 25 to 71, Lisa Glynn, Georgette Whitlow, Jazzmin Daniel and Alesha Hollinger, were wounded, three critically.

No motive

The rampage lasted two minutes, but it took hours for police to track down Patterson as people in midtown Atlanta were told to seek shelter. The suspect stole a pickup truck that was left running and unattended at a gas station and fled to nearby Cobb County, where he was finally captured around 8 p.m.

The police have yet to share any information on the killer's motive.

"Why he did what he did, all of that is still under investigation," Atlanta Police Deputy Chief Charles Hampton Jr. said.

Patterson is a former Coast Guard electrician who was discharged in January. He had an appointment at the hospital when he started shooting up the waiting room.

Media blackout?

The shooter came to the hospital with his mother, who blamed her son's rampage on mental illness and the refusal of Veterans Affairs to prescribe psychiatric meds he requested.

Per usual, Democrats are blaming the massacre on the killer's firearm and the obstinate refusal of Republicans to address "gun violence" by disarming law-abiding people.

In any event, it's likely this story will be out of the media before long. Like the anti-Christians "trans" terrorist who murdered six in Nashville weeks ago -- and whose manifesto police have still not released -- Patterson does not fit the left's definition of a typical "mass shooter."

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