25-year-old Korean pop star dies of apparent suicide

 April 21, 2023

A 25-year-old Korean boy band singer has died of an apparent suicide. 

Moon Bin, member of the K-pop group Astro, was found dead at his home in Seoul Wednesday night by his manager. Moon Bin had not been responding to calls, and the manager went to check on him.

The police do not suspect any foul play in the tragic death, which is the latest suicide in an industry known for being extremely competitive.

Astro's label, Fantagio, said Moon Bin "suddenly left us and became a star in the sky."

K-pop idol dies

At the time of his death, Moon Bin was touring with fellow Astro member Yoon San-ha in the duo Moonbin and Sanha. They last performed in Bangkok on April 8 and had upcoming tour dates in Macau, Indonesia and Japan.

Moon Bin had told fans at a recent show that he was struggling.

"I want to confess one thing, I'm actually feeling really bad. There might have been a lot of signs from which people could notice since the concert started, so I'm also very sorry to you guys," he said.

A number of Korean pop idols and entertainers have taken their own lives in recent years.

Moon Bin's death comes just days after actress Jung Chae-yull, 26, was found dead in at her home in Seoul. The cause of death wasn't shared.

Industry under scrutiny

The K-pop industry has a reputation for intensity: the stars begin training in childhood, and they are known for their porcelain-like, "perfect" looks.

Moon Bin joined Astro at 18 years of age after training with Fantiago and working as a child actor.

"K-pop artists don't really have a life outside being a pop star. They start training at a very young age. They don't go to school or make regular friends. It's really hard for them to see life outside the K-pop world," Rob Schwartz, an Asia correspondent for Billboard Magazine, told the BBC.

The K-pop market is coming under pressure as well. The manager for BTS, the world's most famous K-Pop group, recently warned of a "very clear slowdown in growth."

Moon Bin's sister, Moon Sua, is a singer in the girl group Billie.

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