2nd Amendment voting blocks switching to Trump away from DeSantis

 July 27, 2023

2nd Amendment advocacy groups are switching to supporting Donald Trump away from Ron DeSantis as DeSantis's campaign is beginning to stall.

One such organization, the American Firearms Association, revealed that three quarters of its membership are backing Donald Trump for the Republican nomination over DeSantis.

This is a major flip from November of last year when DeSantis was the organization's favorite due to his strong record on the 2nd Amendment.

DeSantis's campaign has been stalling badly lately and losing the 2nd Amendment voter block isn't going to help the Florida Governor beat Trump for the nomination.

Writing is on the wall

Last November, DeSantis had a monumental 68% to 28% lead on the former President. Now that has inverted and Trump's path to victory is beginning to look inevitable.

Patrick Parsons, the executive vice president of the American Firearms Association, explained "Late last year, Gov. DeSantis was leading Trump by a significant margin in a similar poll of our members. As you can see in our most recent poll, the numbers have almost completely flipped in favor of Trump."

Parsons then revealed the reason for that trend saying, "Despite DeSantis signing a version of constitutional carry into law earlier this year, and on the opposite side, Trump's advocacy for ‘red flags’ and the ‘bump stock’ ban while he was in office, right now gun owners are backing Trump. I think what you're seeing here in this poll is the result of seven or eight months of constant attacks on DeSantis by Trump and very little fighting back by DeSantis. Here at the end of July, five and a half months before Iowa [GOP caucuses], gun owners clearly see Trump as the guy they want to take on Biden in 2024."

DeSantis hasn't been willing to play dirty like Trump has and as such many conservatives don't view him as a fighter capable of taking on Democrats.

The ability to fight back by any means necessary is incredibly important to voters. Democrats have made it clear in the past few years that they will do anything, so any Republican wanting to be President needs to show he will do the same.

Even with all the negative press around Trump, DeSantis has been unable to make up any ground on the former President.

Trump 2024

A lot has changed in the past year when Trump's political career looked dead in the water and many Republicans believed DeSantis was the future.

Now Trump is stronger than ever and DeSantis clearly needs more time to develop. DeSantis also has a lot to learn from this campaign as he seems to have made some bad decisions about who to hire to run his campaign.

DeSantis's campaign was inoffensive and in many ways reminiscent of more milquetoast Republican campaigns like Senator Mitt Romney's (R-UT) failed presidential bid in 2012.

Old strategies don't work anymore thanks to Trump's game-changing campaigning. While a lot can still change and DeSantis's campaign isn't over yet, it's important that he learn from the mistakes that got him in this situation.

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