5 Democrats willing to impeach Biden if evidence is sufficient

 December 17, 2023

Sen. Markwayne Mullin said that five Democratic senators are prepared to convict President Joe Biden if there is solid evidence.

The statements were made in a Friday interview with Newsmax.

The comments

"What's interesting about the Senate versus the House is senators have a lot bigger area, a lot bigger state to cover, so they cover blue parts of the state plus red parts," he said.

"When you talk to some more moderate-leaning senators, they will tell you that if the House sends over an airtight case that completely points to the president, breaking the law, treason, misdemeanors, high crimes, they would try it just like they would any other case," the senator added.

The details

“They said if it was a convictable offense, they would definitely be looking to convict. Okay in a not as I said, a non bipartisan look, I’ve had that conversation with five," Mullin later noted.

"I will not name them because I don’t want to put them in a position but with five separate senators. All five of them has said the exact same thing," he continued.

Not about the past

“So what he did as vice president, what he did in between the two [offices] may not be impeachable,” he said during the interview on “Wake Up America.”

“If they send us a case, make sure it’s convictable,” Mullin advised. “The bar’s real high, there’s no question about it,” he noted.

The interview comments come after Hunter Biden defied a subpoena to appear before the House Oversight Committee.

President Joe Biden also faces an impeachment inquiry in the House after Republicans voted in favor of the measure on Wednesday.

The latest information from Mullin shows that some Democrats in the Senate may also support the effort in the case that would require 60 votes. So far, Republicans only hold 49 votes, meaning 11 more votes would be required even if all Republicans supported the impeachment measure next year ahead of Biden's attempt at reelection in November.

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