Kari Lake files civil lawsuit challenging Arizona's election results

 December 10, 2022

If you thought Arizona's 2022 midterm election drama was over, think again. Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is taking matters to the next level. 

According to the Washington Examiner, Lake isn't satisfied with what took place in Maricopa County on Election Day, citing numerous issues that she believed disenfranchised voters just enough to swing the election in her opponent's direction.

On Friday, Lake and her legal team filed a civil complaint, declaring that she believes she's the rightful winner.

This came after a judge previously shot down lawsuits filed by her legal team, complete with sanctions against some of her attorneys.

It's happening

Lake filed a 70-page complaint last week in the Superior Court for the State of Arizona and in and for Maricopa County. In it she lists Hobbs, and several other prominent Arizona Democrats as defendants.

Lake took to Twitter to announce the new legal fight.

In a follow-up tweet, Lake doubled down, writing that she believes if she can prove that the Election Day process was compromised, then so must be the results from the election. "Furthermore, if the process was legitimate then so are the results. Let’s find out," Lake tweeted.

Nobody believes it

More recently, Lake continued expressing her doubts that the 2022 midterms, at least in her state, were valid results, especially given how close her battle with Hobbs was, only being separated by about 18,000 votes.

"Nobody believes it. FACT. Our elections are a sham I will fight to restore honesty & transparency to elections in Arizona and America," Lake tweeted earlier this month.

Hobbs responds

Not surprisingly, Hobbs and her team responded to Lake and took several shots at her former opponent. Hobbs labeled Lake as "desperate," and someone who's only using her high-profile to generate attention after the midterm election loss.

"A statement from our campaign manager on Kari Lake’s latest desperate attempt to undermine our democracy and throw out the will of the voters. Baseless lawsuits don’t vote. Arizonans do," Hobb's official Twitter account posted, along with the statement.

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