A disbarred serial perjurer underpins Alvin Bragg's Trump case

 May 6, 2024

In a recent article, Jonathan Turley, Opinion Contributor for The Hill, outlined what he believed would be the downfall of the New York case against former President Donald Trump.

Turley believes the case will go downhill when Michael Cohen takes the witness stand, as he is expected to do before the prosecution rests their case against Trump.

This pivotal appearance is poised to shape one of the most peculiar chapters in legal history, according to the commentator.

Cohen's Current Conundrum

As Turley points out, Cohen finds himself at the center of the prosecution's case against Trump, with allegations revolving around hush-money payments made to Stormy Daniels, a former adult film actress.

However, amidst the legal intricacies, questions loom regarding the nature of the alleged crime and Trump's direct involvement.

Recent courtroom testimonies have painted a damning portrait of Cohen, portraying him as an unprofessional figure who orchestrated the payments using a shell corporation funded by his own finances.

Addigtionally, the reimbursement of these funds by Trump post-election, coupled with additional legal expenditures, adds layers of complexity to the case.

Criticism of Credibility

Critics have argued that Cohen's credibility is fundamentally compromised by his history of deceit and perjury.

His reputation as a "serial perjurer" does proceed him, as Turley notes, with previous judicial rebukes underscoring concerns about his trustworthiness. Despite being a central witness for the prosecution, doubts persist regarding the reliability of his testimony.

The upcoming trial poses a unique challenge for both Cohen and the legal system at large. While Cohen seeks to persuade the jury to incriminate his former client based on his legal counsel, skeptics question the plausibility of such a scenario. The trial's outcome may hinge on the persuasiveness of Cohen's narrative and the jury's perception of his character.

Moreover, as the author pointed out, Cohen's history of confrontational behavior and intimidation tactics further complicates the proceedings.

Are Bygones Really Bygones?

Past incidents, including threats issued to journalists and students, reflect a pattern of behavior that raises doubts about his integrity and professionalism.

In analyzing Cohen's role in the case, according to Turley it becomes evident that his testimony carries significant weight, yet is burdened by a cloud of skepticism. The trial's outcome remains uncertain, as legal experts and observers await the unfolding drama with bated breath.

As the courtroom saga unfolds, one thing is certain to the article's author: the spectacle surrounding Michael Cohen's testimony will continue to captivate audiences and shape public perception of the legal proceedings against Donald Trump.

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