A member of the MS-13 gang was among 13 illegal aliens sentenced for murder in Colorado

August 25, 2023

According to information obtained by Breitbart News, one of thirteen illegal immigrants from El Salvador who were convicted of their role in gang-related killings in the sanctuary state of Colorado was a member of the MS-13 gang -- compounding complaints that Joe Biden's White House is failing at controlling the border.

Mauricio Alvarado-Vasquez, an illegal alien from El Salvador who was 31 years old at the time of his conviction, was found guilty in July of his role in the killings of Vicky DeDios and Carlos Ramirez-Rivera in 2019, as well as the attempted murder of Alexander Portillo in Aurora, Colorado.

These crimes took place in 2019. A sentence of life in prison without the possibility of release was handed down to Alvarado-Vasquez.

According to law enforcement officials who spoke with Breitbart News, Alvarado-Vasquez is only one of 13 illegal immigrants linked with the infamously vicious MS-13 gang who have been convicted and imprisoned for their role in the killings and attempted murders that occurred in Aurora.

Alvarado-Vasquez's conviction and imprisonment came as a result of his participation in these crimes.

Other Sentences

The other 12 individuals associated with the illegal alien MS-13 gang are facing varying sentences in relation to their criminal activities. Mauricio Lopez-Rodriguez has been sentenced to 10 years in prison, while David Tobias-Carbajal and Josue Tobias-Carbajal are both serving life without parole.

Edwin Mendoza's sentence is 8 years in prison, and Enrique Zamorano-Cuevas is serving 4 years. Gerson Huezo-Cerritos has been sentenced to 10 years, while Enrique Juarez-Gonzalez's sentence is 24 years.

Cristian Vasquez-Ortega is facing a 48-year prison term, while Rafael Lopez-Rodriguez's sentence is 10 years. Marvin Ramos-Hernandez has been sentenced to 16 years, and Hector Rodriguez-Barrientos is serving 30 years.

Lastly, David Medina-Hernandez's sentence is 10 years in prison. These individuals have been associated with the MS-13 gang and have been convicted for their involvement in various criminal activities.

Colorado Policies

According to experts, Colorado's sanctuary state policy, which severely restricts law enforcement cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), may have played a significant role in the web of MS-13 gang offenses.

“HB 19-1124, which prevents ICE from working with local law enforcement, has caused countless criminal illegal aliens to go completely unrecognized in the criminal justice system,” National Immigration Center for Enforcement (NICE) advisory board member John Fabbricatore told Breitbart News in a statement.

“Colorado’s sanctuary laws are misguided and dangerous to everyone who lives in Colorado,” Fabbricatore, who is a former senior ICE officer, said.

According to prosecutors, Aurora police discovered Vicky DeDios's burned corpse in a vehicle in September 2019. DeDios was stabbed more than twenty times. Moments before her murder, DeDios was lured outside of a tavern while unconscious and abducted.

Alvarado-Vasquez, according to prosecutor Laura Wilson, "bragged about stabbing the victim first and then asked her how it feels to die."

Then, two months later, prosecutors alleged that Carlos Ramirez-Rivera was fatally shot while paused at a red light. MS-13 gang members targeted him because they believed he belonged to an opposing organization.

Fabbricatore stated that Colorado's sanctuary state policy prevents ICE agents “from working with local law enforcement to stop horrific crime sprees like this one before they actually happen.”

“The state’s sanctuary policy has had a negative impact on public safety. The policy has led to a decrease in the number of criminal aliens that are identified and removed from the state,” he told Breitbart News. “This has resulted in a decrease in public safety, as criminals are able to remain in the state and continue to commit crimes.”

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