According to Donald Trump Jr., Tucker Carlson is 'absolutely' running for vice president

 January 19, 2024

During Thursday's episode of "Wake Up America" on Newsmax TV, Donald Trump Jr. said that Tucker Carlson, a former Fox News host, was "certainly" in the race to be named his father's vice presidential running partner.

Anchor Rob Finnerty asked, “So Trump has already said that he’s picked his VP, but he can’t tell us. Back in 2016 he didn’t pick somebody that was running for president," the host said, as Breitbart News reported.

"He chose Mike Pence, who at the time was not a candidate for president. Could you see your father running with Ron DeSantis?”

Trump Jr's Comments

Trump Jr. said, “You know, I would do whatever I could to make sure it wasn’t Nikki Haley. But you know, but like a Ron DeSantis, could I see?

"You’re never gonna rule out someone that is a leading contender. It doesn’t mean that’s who you go with. I could see other people that would be great. I’d love to see you know a J. D. Vance. I’d love to see a Tucker Carlson.”

Finnerty asked, “Don, is your dad serious about Tucker Carlson? Are those rumors serious?”

Trump Jr. said, “That clearly would be on the table, right? I mean they’re very friendly, I think they agree on virtually all of these things.

"They certainly agree on stopping the never-ending wars. And so, I would love to see that happen. That would certainly be a contender.”

Another Contender

The president is allegedly contemplating the selection of Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.), as his running partner in the 2024 election. He praised Stefanik last month as "a killer."

Just after going viral with her scathing questioning of college presidents about campus antisemitism, Stefanik was suggested to Trump as a possible VP during a dinner at Mar-a-Lago, according to NBC News' Wednesday story.

The media site reported that Trump nodded in agreement with the statement and then added, "she's a killer." His comments came on January 10, Stefanik addressed the vice president rumors in an interview with Brian Kilmeade of Fox News.

"I'm not going to get into the conversations that I have with President Trump. We speak frequently, I've said for a year now, I'm proud to be the first member of Congress to endorse President Trump for re-election, and I would be honored to serve in a Trump administration in any capacity," she said.

Stefanik announced on Wednesday that she would be traveling to New Hampshire to support Trump on the campaign trail.

"America will elect President Trump the next President to save America," she wrote on social media.

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