Accused luggage thief Sam Brinton to be held in men's jail despite using they/them pronouns

 May 25, 2023

Despite using they/them pronouns, former Department of Energy nuclear waste specialist and accused luggage thief Sam Brinton appears headed for a men's jail. 

In an article published on Tuesday, the New York Post quoted an unnamed sheriff's deputy in Montgomery County, Maryland as saying that Brinton is currently in a "pre-placement" hold and will be put in the county jail's "general population" sometime next week.

Inmates housed according to biological sex

The Post referenced the Montgomery County Department of Correction and Rehabilitation policy of housing detainees in accordance with their biological sex.

"Although MCDOCR does not consider anatomical changes brought about by hormonal therapy to be changes that constitute a change of anatomical sex, the classification of an arrestee/inmate will depend on whether the arrestee/inmate has male or female genitalia, whether they present a management or security problem, and whether their health and safety can be ensured," it states.

"Once an inmate is classified, they will be given a housing assignment based on that classification," it goes on to explain.

The paper also cited arrest records showing that Brinton was taken into custody on May 17 at the 700 block of College Parkway as a fugitive from justice, and is being held without bail.

Brinton accused of stealing dresses from Tanzanian fashion designer

It added that Brinton is expected to remain in the Montgomery County Correctional Facility until his next court date, which is scheduled for June 14.

A 2022 NBC News report hailed Brinton for being a gender "non-binary" government official. He again made headlines later that year he was accused of stealing women's luggage at airports.

One of Brinton's alleged victims is Tanzanian-born fashion designer Asya Khamsin, who said in a February interview with the Post that her bags disappeared from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport on March 9, 2018.

Khamsin told the Post that she was later "confused" to see media footage of Brinton wearing what appeared to be her clothing.

Brinton led anti-Catholic drag queen group

"I was thinking, 'Who took my bag, where is it?' for a long time. Then I see images of the outfits [being worn by Brinton] and I was so confused and upset," Khamsin explained, adding, "I was thinking, where did he get those clothes – because I didn’t think he was a thief."

In addition to his work on nuclear waste, Brinton was also known as an LGBTQ political activist, with Fox News reporting that he once headed up the Washington, D.C. chapter of Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

The militantly anti-Catholic organization is made up of drag queens who regularly mock nuns along with the Catholic Church's teachings.

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