Actor and GOP official Siaka Massaquoi arrested on January 6 charges

December 5, 2023

RedState reported this week that one of its columnists was arrested by the FBI earlier this week on charges relating to the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill.

According to the website, actor Siaka Massaquoi's arrest came over two years after his home was raided by federal agents.

Massaquoi charged with trespassing, parading, and disorderly conduct

Massaquoi, who also serves as an elected official in the Los Angeles County GOP, was taken into custody on Monday at an airport on Monday as he and his wife were returning from Nashville, Tennessee.

The actor has been hit with misdemeanor charges of trespassing, parading, and disorderly conduct and spent a night in jail before being released on a $1000 bond.

Massaquoi addressed his arrest in a post on the social media platform previously known as Twitter, writing, "Witness why I was raided 2 years ago and recently arrested and charged Nov 30th 2023 almost 3 years later."

Children were home when house was raided

The post features a video clip in which Massaquoi can be seen standing for several minutes in a doorway to the Capitol and then helping police to direct traffic.

The Los Angeles Times reported in June of 2021 that an estimated "20 agents armed and outfitted in tactical gear raided" Massaquoi's home in North Hollywood.

Luvelle Mendoza is his wife, and she told the Times that their two young children were home when the raid took place, saying, "My heart breaks. They had to see the big guns and I just think, I wasn’t there to console them."

Elon Musk: "This has gone too far"

Babylon Bee's chief executive Seth Dillon reacted to Massaquoi's arrest, alleging that the actor is "being punished" for supporting former President Donald Trump.

Tesla founder and social media mogul Elon Musk spoke up as well, complaining, "This has gone too far."

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