Actress Janet Landgard passes away following battle with brain cancer

 November 12, 2023

Fans of classic American movies and television were left saddened last week to learn that actress Janet Landgard died.

According to Deadline, friends confirmed that the 75-year-old actress passed away on November 6 following a battle with brain cancer.

Co-star says "gorgeous" Landgard "stunned jaded Hollywood types into silence"

Landgard rose to prominence for her portrayal of the character Karen on "The Donna Reed Show," a role she played over the course of three seasons.

She had previously appeared on the show for a single episode in its fifth season as "Sabrina" and also turned up that same year on ABC's "My Three Sons."

Deadline noted that Karen was the love interest of Paul Petersen's character Jeff Stone, and he wrote about his time working with Landgard in an emotional Facebook post.

Petersen praised her for being "the best TV girlfriend my alternate ego, Jeff Stone, ever had." He added that "Janet was gorgeous, inside and out."

Petersen went on to praise Landgard as "a flawless Scandinavian beauty that literally stunned jaded Hollywood types into silence" before recalling how "[w]e were always close no matter the time or distance."

Actress went from being a television comedy star to appearing on the big screen

Landgard went on to appear alongside Burt Lancaster in the 1968 drama "The Swimmer," playing his character's former babysitter as the pair embark on a tour of swimming pools.

She was also seen in the 1969 film "Land Raiders" with Telly Savalas, George Maharis, and Arlene Dahl. Landgard acted two years later in the 1971 ABC television movie "The Deadly Dream."

Her final role came in 1972's "Moonchild" with Landgard, after which the actress decided to retire from show business.

Langard worked as a model before making the jump to Hollywood

As Deadline explained, Langard was a California native who spent her childhood growing up in Pasadena before  taking a job with the William Adrian Modeling Agency.

Tributes to Langard quickly appeared on the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, with one fan expressesing his "deepest sympathy and condolences" to her family.

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