Adam Schiff 'serious' about running for Senate

 December 27, 2022

After being shot down in his push to be Speaker of the House, Adam Schiff (Ca.) is still looking to turn years of dutiful anti-Trump political hackery into a promotion, telling a local news outlet that he is "serious" about running for the United States Senate.

The notorious conspiracy theorist told KTTA that he has received "a lot of encouragement" to run for Senator Dianne Feinstein's (D-Ca.) seat.

Schiff 'serious' about Senate run

A prolific liar, Schiff gained notoriety during the Trump presidency by relentlessly promoting the bogus Russian collusion conspiracy theory. He also played a leading role in the Ukraine impeachment circus and served on the January 6th committee, which released its bombastic report before Christmas.

Schiff had recently sought the job of his close ally Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca.), but was rebuffed by his own party, despite years of dutiful service to the machine, which ended up choosing the more "diverse" Hakeem Jeffries (D-Ny.) to be House caucus leader.

Undeterred by that rejection, Schiff is pressing on toward his next goal: a Senate seat. While demurring about his plans, he confirmed to KTTA that he is considering a run to succeed Feinstein.

“You know, look, I am getting a lot of encouragement to run for the Senate from people in California and colleagues here in Congress. If Senator Feinstein retires, then I will give it very serious consideration," he said.

Feinstein clinging to power

Feinstein, 89, has said she intends to serve out the remainder of her term, which ends in 2024.

The octogenarian has rattled colleagues by clinging to her position despite concerns that she is no longer mentally fit for the role. But her would-be successors aren't waiting for her to make a move.

Schiff has already met with Feinstein to discuss his plans, Politico reported. He is unlikely to have her plum job handed to him on a platter, however, with Reps. Ro Khanna, Katie Porter, and Barbara Lee also expressing interest.

“They’re starting to call me to get ready for what is a massive campaign – truly, massively expensive and hard-fought,” former Senator Barbara Boxer said. “It will be a very crowded field.”

Shifty Schiff to be demoted?

At present, Schiff, who has chaired the House Intelligence Committee the past four years, could be headed for a demotion once Republicans assume the House majority next week.

House Republican conference leader Kevin McCarthy (Ca.), who is angling for Pelosi's Speaker role, has threatened to remove Schiff from the committee.

Schiff dismissed comparisons between himself and Republicans who have been removed from committees, like Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), as a "false equivalence."

"The moment I start engaging in insurrection, then fine, sanction me. But don't give me this false equivalence and suggest that somehow leading legitimate investigations of Donald Trump's corruption, with Russia, Ukraine, and January 6th, is somehow a legitimate basis to remove someone from a committee."

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