Address book which once belonged to Jeffrey Epstein goes on sale

 May 16, 2024

Although it has been nearly five years since finance mogul and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein died while in federal custody, interest in the case has not subsided.

That fact was on display this week when an address list which once belonged to Epstein went on sale. 

Sale of book is not connected with Epstein or his associates

According to the New York Post, the item dates back to 1997 and its sale is being facilitated by Alexander Historical Auctions.

"As far as I know, Mr. Epstein's estate is in no way involved in any manner," Alexander Historical Auctions owner Bill Panagopulos was quoted as saying.

"As for the proceeds of the sale, I can say with a great deal of confidence that they will be going to a party that does not, nor ever did have any connection with Mr. Epstein or anyone named in the book," he added.

Panagopulos stressed the book's unique character, stating that there is "nothing so far-reaching in its effects on politics, society, royalty, finance…it goes on and on."

Item was found on a New York City street

The address book is 64-pages in length and contains some 349 names, including independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr, former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo's wife Cristina Greeven, actress Morgan Fairchild, and billionaire Carl Icahn.

The Post noted that this address book is not to be confused with the more famous document which was first publicized by Gawker in 2015.

The book was first discovered a quarter century ago by musician Denise Ondayko, who claimed to have found it while walking down a New York City street.

She eventually sold it to journalist and left-wing activist Chris Helali for $425 in 2020, who began publicizing its contents.

"I'm not superstitious, but it's an odd feeling owning what is really an evil book. It's unlike anything else in the world and linked to the most infamous case of the 21st century," Helali told the Post.

Potential buyers can view book in person

Bidding for the book began on Wednesday and is scheduled to continue until June 15th, with potential buyers who give two days notice having an opportunity to personally inspect it.

At the auction's conclusion, the top two highest bidders will be sent notices via FedEx inviting them to make a final offer.

Whichever person bids low will then be given an opportunity to make a second offer. In the event Helali chooses not to accept a winning bid then the book will move to a public auction in July.

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